Employment at the Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions

Postdoctoral Positions in Molecular Medical Mycology, Fungal Genetics and Bacterial Pathogenesis

The Duke University Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions (CHoMI) has several openings for Postdoctoral Research Associates. The Center was created within the umbrella of the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and comprises several interdisciplinary and interactive laboratories at Duke University including the Departments of Medicine, Immunology, Biochemistry, Biology, Pathology, and Molecular Genetics and Microbiology.

Mycology-Related Research
Fungal pathogenesis is a major research focus of several research labs at the Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions (CHoMI). Several laboratories focus on Cryptococcus neoformans, for which molecular and genetic approaches are being used to investigate population genetics, signal transduction, cellular growth and to discover novel antifungal drug targets. There is also considerable work in these and other areas involving Candida albicans, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, and other fungi.

Laboratory PIs include: Barbara Alexander, J. Andrew Alspaugh, Nich Buchler, Gary M. Cox, Fred S. Dietrich, Joseph Heitman, Paul Magawene, John H. McCusker, John R. Perfect, Mari Shinohara, William Steinbach, Rytas Vilgalys, and Aimee Zaas. Links to each investigator can be found at: http://mgm.duke.edu/chomi/faculty-and-research

Bacteriology-Related Research
There are currently seventeen labs conducting research in the area of bacterial pathogenesis. Areas of research span topics such cell-autonomous host defense, host-pathogen co-evolution, development of novel genetic methodologies to study bacteria formerly considered to be genetically intractable, sepsis, tuberculosis, sexually transmitted infections, the biology of secreted bacterial membrane vesicles, inflammation, the role of the microbiome in health and human disease, and the use of model systems approaches.

The Duke University Bacteriology Research Unit laboratory PIs include: Soman Abraham, Mehreen Arshad, Jörn Coers, Xinnian Dong, Vance Fowler, Kathy Franz, Richard Frothingham, Meta Kuehn, Amanda McLeod, Sunhee Lee, Dewey McCafferty, John Rawls, Gregory Taylor, David Tobin and Raphael Valdivia. Direct links to each investigator can be found at: http://mgm.duke.edu/chomi/faculty-and-research

We are seeking talented scientists with research expertise in any of the following areas: genetics, microbiology, population studies, evolution, molecular biology, biochemistry, pharmacology, animal models and/or microbial pathogenesis. Prior research experience with pathogenic fungi or bacteria is not essential.

Salaries are commensurate with skills and experience. Relative to many other parts of the country, the Research Triangle metropolitan area combines high quality of life with relatively modest cost of living. For additional information, please consult the Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions (CHoMI) web site http://mgm.duke.edu/chomi.

Deadline & Start Date
The positions remain open until filled; a mutually agreed upon start date will be reached with the selected candidates.

To Apply
Applications, which should include a CV and list of references, should be submitted electronically to:

Jörn Coers, Director, Center for Host-Pathogen Interactions (CHoMI) at mailto:jorn.coers@duke.edu or directly to individual laboratory directors as listed on the Center web site. Duke University is an equal opportunity employer. Inquiries from women and minorities are encouraged.