The Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Business Office is located in Room 268 CARL Building. The staff provides administrative assistance to faculty, staff and students.

Kris Mathews
Departmental Business Manager
Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
268 CARL Building
Box 3054, DUMC
Durham, NC 27710 
+1 919 613 3263 (tel)
+1 919 684 0436 (tel)
+1 919 684 2790 (fax)

The Department Business office has available for reservation a laptop, overhead projector and slide projector. Contact the Business Office to reserve equipment.

Computing Support
The DHTS link to submit a help ticket directly to our department’s analyst (bypassing DHTS general site) is Get Help. You’ll need to log in using net ID and password and select Eric Xu as our analyst.

Eric Xu graduated from Duke with a BS in biology and was once a research technician studying soft tissue sarcomas with genetically engineered mice. His continued interest and involvement in technology projects then brought him to the DHTS OASIS team in early 2020. Additional interesting facts- he plays the French horn in the Duke University Wind Symphony and holds a private pilot certificate.

Funding Opportunities
This section describes various sources of available funding for faculty, post-doctoral fellows, and students in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. We hope this information will help members of the department to identify and successfully compete for internal and external funding, and more importantly, help form new multidisciplinary collaborations within the Duke research community.

Seminar Room Reservations
Contact the numbers listed below for reservations of seminar rooms. The following rooms are available:

Location Capacity Equipment Installed Contact
103 Bryan Research Building 190 slide, computer, overhead projectors 25live online RSVP
147 Nanaline Duke Building 170 slide, computer, overhead projectors Amy Norfleet at 681-8770
143 Jones Building 143 slide, computer, overhead projectors 25live online RSVP
415 Jones Building 20 none Annette Kennett at 613-8636
010 CARL 12 overhead projector Annette Kennett at 613-8636
040 CARL 12 none Annette Kennett at 613-8636
001 MSRB 50 none 25Live online RSVP
208 CARL Building 20 overhead projector Cheryl Woodard at 681-5821
408 CARL Building 20 none Cheryl Woodard at 681-5821

Virtual Library
The Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology maintains a virtual library of resources for loan to graduate students, medical students, post-doctoral fellows, research associates, and primary or secondary faculty affiliated with the Department of Molecular Genetics. The library features categories devoted to bacterial pathogenesis, biochemistry, genetics, immunology, infectious diseases, microbiology, and mycology. Click here to view a complete list of available resources.

Visa Applications
Contact Jason Howard, Human Resources Manager, regarding Visa information.