Alumni - Other Program Graduates



McClean, Colleen “Novel Methods of Mycobacterial Control via Manipulation of Host Lipid Bioavailability” Tobin MD/PhD 2021  


Gamble, Dionna "Homologous Recombination Outcomes of Double-Strand Break- Initiated Events in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" Jinks-Robertson PhD 2020  


Yang, Wen-Hsuan "Molecular Mechanisms of TAZ-regulating Ferroptosis
in Cancer Cells and tRNA Fragment in Erythrocytes"
Chi PhD 2019  
Dai, Joanne “Epstein-Barr Virus Infection Phenocopies Apoptosis Regulation in Germinal Center B Cells” Luftig PhD 2019  
Ding, Chien-Kuang   Chi PhD 2019  


Walzer, Katelyn   Chi PhD 2018 UPGG  
Lennox, Ashley "mRNA Regulation in Mammalian Brain
Development and Developmental
Silver PhD 2018 UPGG  
Matty, Molly "Chemical and Genetic Modulation of
the Host Immune Response to
Mycobacterial Infection"
Tobin PhD 2018 UPGG  
Midani, Firas "Predicting colonization of microbes in
the human gut"
David PhD 2018 CBB  
Lin, Chao-Chieh "CoA Synthase Regulates Mitotic Fidelity via CBP-Mediated Acetylation" Chi PhD 2018 UPGG  
Moore, Anthony "Genetic control of genomic alterations induced by interstitial telomeric sequences" Petes PhD 2018 UPGG  


Hum, Yee Fang "Molecular Characterization of Mitotic Homologous Recombination Outcomes in Saccharomyces Cerevisiae" Jinks-Robertson PhD 2017 UPGG  
McSweeney, Melodi Keisha "Microelectrode array modeling of genetic neurological disorders in the era of next generation sequencing" Goldstein PhD 2017 UPGG  
Bisogno, Laura Simone "Post-transcriptional regulation of cancer traits and gene expression in a genetically defined, primary cell-derived model of breast tumorigenesis" Keene PhD 2017 UPGG  
Reese, Aspen "Ecological Forces in Microbial Communities: Experimental Tests of Community Ecology Theory in Soil and the Mammalian Gut" David PhD 2017 UPE Postdoc, Harvard
Miller, Emily "The Discovery of EJC Independent Roles for EIF4A3 in Mitosis, Microtubules and Neural Crest Development" Silver PhD 2017 UPGG/DSCB  
Billmyre, Blake "Genome evolution in the fungal
pathogen Cryptococcus deuterogattii"
Heitman PhD 2017 UPGG Postdoc, Stowers Institute in Kansas City, MO
Bae, Sena "Next Gen sequencing tools to derive insights into protein expression and gene function" Valdivia PhD 2017 BME Postdoc, Duke


Ross, Justyne "Epigentic Basis of Centromere Maintenance and Inheritance" Sullivan PhD 2016 UPGG  
Chien, Ming-Shan "Single-Cell Transcriptome Analysis of Olfactory Sensory Neurons" Matsunami PhD 2016 UPGG  
O'Connell, Karen "Genetic analysis of mitotic recombination in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" Petes PhD 2016 UPGG  
Sloan, Roketa "Topoisomerase 1-associated genome instability in yeast: effects of persistent cleavage complexes or increase Top1 levels" Jinks-Robertson PhD 2016 UPGG  
Ost-Selvig, Kyla "Host pH as a signal to induce Cryptococculs neoformansimmune evasion" Alspaugh PhD 2016 UPGG  
Mao, Hanqian (Helen) "Posttranscriptional regulation of embryonic brain development by the exon junction complex" Silver PhD 2016 UPGG  


Guo, Xiaoge (Amy) "Tracking individual repair events occurring at mitotic double-strand breaks in Saccharomyces cerevisiae" Jinks-Robertson PhD 2015 MCB  
Keenan, Melissa   Chi PhD 2015 UPGG  
Aldrup-Macdonald, Megan   Sullivan MS 2015 UPGG High School Science Teacher
Yin, Yi   Petes PhD 2015 UPGG  
Doss, Jennifer   Chi PhD 2015 UPGG  


Chen, Yi Shan   Valdivia PhD 2014 UPGG  
Ho, Jianghai   Matsunami

PhD 2014

Ruzzo, Elizabeth   Goldstein PhD 2014 UPGG  
Thompson, Marshall   Keene PhD 2014 UPGG  


Chu, Pei-Lun   Marchuk PhD 2013 UPGG  
Feretzaki, Marianna   Heitman PhD 2013 UPGG  
McDonald, David   Marchuk PhD 2013 UPGG  


Evsyukova, Irina   Garcia-Blanco PhD 2012 BCH  
Lamonte, Greg   Chi PhD 2012 UPGG  
Reeves, Jason   Nevins PhD 2012 UPGG  
St. Charles, Jordan   Petes PhD 2012 PHARM  
Yen, Jerry   Linney PhD 2012 Integrated Toxicology  


Friedersdorf, Matthew   Keene PhD 2011 MCB Post-Doctoral Fellow
Keene Lab, Duke University
Hayden, Karen E.   Willard PhD 2011 UPGG Post-Doctoral Scholar UC Santa Cruz
Kucera, Katerina   Willard PhD 2011 UPGG  
LaBreche, Heather   Nevins PhD 2011 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow Duke University Medical Center
Nguyen, Bidong   Valdivia PhD 2011 UPGG Post-Doctoral Associate Duke University Medical Center
Sangokoya, Carolyn   Chi PhD 2011 UPGG Third Year Duke University Medical Student


Cirulli, Elizabeth   Goldstein PhD 2010 UPGG Biostatistician 
Duke University Medical Center
Keum, Sehoon   Marchuk PhD 2010 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
McCulley, Jennifer   Petes PhD 2010 MCB Post-Doctoral Fellow
Myung Lab
NIH, Maryland
Morris, Adam   Keene PhD 2010 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University Medical Center
Mudrak, Sarah Victoria   Jinks-Robertson PhD 2010 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University Medical Center
Mukherjee, Neelanjan   Keene PhD 2010 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Ohler Lab
Duke University
Robinson, Timothy   Dewhirst/Garcia-Blanco PhD 2010 MCB Duke University Medical School
Wheeler, Bayly   Willard PhD 2010 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
University of California-Berkeley


Akers, Amy   Marchuk PhD 2009 UPGG Chief Scientific Officer
Angioma Alliance
Bastidas, Robert   Heitman/Cardenas PhD 2009 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow 
Valdivia Lab
Duke University Medical Center
Diezmann, Stephanie   Dietrich PhD 2009 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Leah Cowen Lab
University of Toronto
Fuhrman, Laura   Aballay PhD 2009 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University
Maloney, Kristin   Sullivan PhD 2009 UPGG Genetic Counseling
University of Maryland-Baltimore
Roberts, Richard   Matsunami PhD 2009 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University
Slone, Jesse   Amrein PhD 2009 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Texas A&M University


Bonano, Vivian   Garcia-Blanco PhD 2008 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University
Haskins, Kylie   Aballay PhD 2008 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Center for Drug Evaluation & Research, FDA
Kavanaugh, Laura   Dietrich PhD 2008 UPGG Computational Biologist, Syngenta
Spaeth, Kris   Valdivia PhD 2008 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow
Duke University
Umbach, Jennifer Lin   Cullen PhD 2008 UPGG Post-Doctoral Fellow, 
Duke University
Zhuang, Hanyi   Matsunami PhD 2008 UPGG Faculty
Shanghai Jia Tong University