Who We Are

MGM Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Group

Our current members are:

  • Ammara Aqeel (Graduate Student)
  • Kyle Beausoleil (Staff)
  • Fernando Cruz Alsina (Postdoc)
  • Lawrence David (Chair, Faculty)
  • Erin Curtis (Graduate Student)
  • Francesca Galeffi (Staff)
  • Miriam Kutsch (Postdoc)
  • Craig Lowe (Faculty)
  • Micah Luftig (Faculty)
  • Teresa McDonald (Graduate Student)
  • Aruna Menon (Graduate Student)
  • Jess Portillo (Graduate Student)
  • Brianna Petrone (Graduate Student)
  • Nora-Guadalupe Ramirez (Postdoc)
  • David Tobin (Faculty)

Thank you to the following department members who have previously served on the group:

Graduate students: Jon Ark, Alyson Barnes, Jui-Lin Chen, Zachary Holmes, Jay Jawahar, Aparna Krishnan, Jeffrey Letourneau, Gilberto Padilla Mercado, Julia Palmucci, Hannah Schmidt, Daltry Snider, Christine Vazquez

Postdocs: Nathalee Belser, Asiya Gusa, Victor Ocasio-Ramirez

Staff: Vincent Albanese, Maira Harume Nagai, Jason Howard, Brook Heaton, Emily Hunt, Mary Patrucco, Vincent Albanese

Faculty: Sue Jinks-Robertson, Daniel Lew, Raphael Valdivia


Interested in joining the committee? We meet on the first Thursday of each month from 11:30 to 12:30 in Jones 415.  Email Lawrence David (lawrence.david@duke.edu) if you are interested in joining.

Want to submit a topic for discussion?  Email any member of our current committee with a suggestion or submit a topic (option to do so anonymously) using this form.