What We Work On

Broadly, our work includes

  • Building support systems for MGM members of all identities, backgrounds, and departmental roles
  • Making diversity, equity, and inclusion a central part of MGM’s research, education, and outreach
  • Promoting equity in MGM’s hiring and recruitment
  • Organizing community-building activities for the department
  • Communicating transparently about our progress to keep us accountable to our goals and to elicit feedback from the department as a whole

These goals build from the work of MGM’s original Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) committee, established in 2018, and from the department’s action plan to combat racism and bias and promote diversity, drafted in Summer 2020.  The D&I committee and a group tasked with implementing the action plan (MGM Action Group Against Racism, or MGM AGAR) merged in Summer 2021 to become the current MGM EDI Committee.

Progress updates:

We commit to sharing annual updates on our work and MGM’s demographics to foster transparency and accountability around MGM’s equity, diversity, and inclusion work. 

  • Slides from October 2021 Monday Research meeting (1st annual):  In 2020-2021, we benchmarked our first year of work towards the goals in the 2020 action plan.  This included collecting grad student and postdoc demographic data, adding support programs through OBGE and postdoc mentoring committees, making gender, race, and ethnicity a focus of more Monday meeting and retreat talks, and forming a department-wide communications team.

Demographic data:

These data come from the Graduate School.  See them in more detail by navigating to the “Diversity” tab on the top panel to view the data by gender, race, and ethnicity.
Note: race and ethnicity data is only tracked for US citizens and permanent residents (82% of students in 2022-2023).


Note: race and ethnicity data is only tracked for US citizens and permanent residents (82% of students in 2022-2023)”
  • 61% Female, 39% Male
  • 9% Asian, 7% Black, 9% Hispanic, 73% White, 2% AI/AN 



2020-2021-graduate Students


  • 58% Female, 42% Male
  • 12% Asian, 7% Black, 8% Hispanic, 71% White, 2% AI/AN 

Note: race and ethnicity are only tracked for US citizens and permanent residents


2021-2022 PostDocs
  • 55% Female, 45% Male
  • 30% Asian, 2% Black, 14% Hispanic, 52% White, 2% Unknown 



postDocs 20-21
  • 50% Female, 50% Male
  • 27% Asian, 4% Black, 16% Hispanic, 51% White, 2% Unknown 



71% Male, 29% Female; 26% Asian, 6% Hispanic/Latino, 68% White
  • 71% Male, 29% Female
  • 26% Asian, 6% Hispanic/Latino, 68% White 

We summarize demographic data as it is collected by Duke as an institution, which uses a merged race and ethnicity category and does not report a percentage of individuals with multiracial background.