Activities In The Division of Human Genetics

The Division of Human Genetics holds a monthly research meeting consisting of short presentations on different topics.These discussions foster collaborations, leading towards collaborative research grants. We also sponsor external speakers on human genetics related topics through the Tuesday Seminar Series and the Thursday Seminar Series. In addition, we hold an all-day annual retreat that showcases the work of our trainees. The past few years the retreat has been held at he NC Biotechnology Center in the Research Triangle Park, and includes two invited keynote speakers.

Each year, we co-sponsor Duke University’s inaugural Duke Alumni reception at the annual meeting of the American Society of Human Genetics. Our 2022 ASHG Alumni Party was held on October 26th at the Washington Duke Inn, Durham, NC, 7:30pm-9:30pm.


Duke University Alumni Reception at the American Society of Human Genetics Meeting - October 26.

At the annual ASHG meeting in Los Angeles, the MGM Division of Human Genetics hosted a Duke Alumni Reception.  Many of the human genetics programs across the country host these networking events at this annual meeting.  Approximately 35 current and former Duke students, faculty, fellows and collaborators attended the reception.  This was a great opportunity to speak with old friends and colleagues, and meet new ones.  Below are some photos of the event.

Networking, people talking
Doug Marchuk talking and pointing
Networking, people talking
5 women networking
Networking, people talking