Tri-I MMPTP 2023 Symposium

Click here for a printable view of the Tri-I MMPTP schedule that is detailed below.

Friday, August 18

8:45 am-4:30 pm

French Family Science Center Auditorium, Rm 2231

Duke University

8:30-8:45 AM       Coffee and light refreshments, Catered by Nosh
                             Outside of Bonk Auditorium, 2231 French Family Science Center                             

8:45-9:00 AM       Welcome by Lotus Lofgren

Talk Session 1: Ecology of Fungi
Chaired by Lotus Lofgren

9:00-9:45 AM       Keynote: Evolution and distribution of isocyanides, a new class of fungal
products promoting fungal fitness in copper scarce environments
                             Dr. Nancy Keller, University of Wisconsin - Madison

9:45-10:15 AM      Deciphering mycorrhiza-mediated plant potassium nutrition
                             Dr. Kevin Garcia, NC State University

10:15-10:30 AM   Deciphering the switchgrass microbiome using nestedness
                             and cross-domain co-occurrence

                             Rachel Hammer, NC State University

10:30-10:45 AM   Suillus as a model genus for ectomycorrhizal ecology
                             Dr. Lotus Lofgren, Duke University

10:45-11:05 AM    Coffee Break, outside of Bonk Auditorium

Talk Session 2: Fungi as Model Systems

Chaired by Catherine Denning-Jannace

11:05-11:50 AM    Keynote: Targeting the Aspergillus fumigatus  hypoxia response
                             for therapeutic development

                             Dr. Robb Cramer, Dartmouth

11:50-12:20 PM   Histoplasma species complex: Genetic divergence and virulence strategies
                            Dr. Victoria Sepulveda, UNC-Chapel Hill

12:20-12:35 PM   Evaluating the sensitivity of microbial proteins to Cu-induced misfolding
                             Amy Robison, Duke University

12:35-12:55 PM   Quantifying genome dynamics in Candida populations during adaptation
                            to antifungal drugs

                            Dr. Anna Selmecki, University of Minnesota

1:00-2:15 PM       Lunch, outside of Bonk Auditorium, catered by Parker & Otis

Talk Session 3: Medical Mycology/Natural Products from Fungi

Chaired by Brianna Almeida

2:15-3:00 PM       Keynote: Natural variation in Candida albicans biofilm regulatory network
                             Dr. Aaron Mitchell, University of Georgia

3:00-3:15 PM       Developing natural product ligands of FKBP12 as antifungal agents
                             Angela Rivera, Duke University

3:15-3:30 PM      Functional characterization of the STRIPAK complex in Cryptococcus neoformans 
                            Dr. Patricia Peterson, Duke University

3:30-4:00 PM      Recombination rate variation and evolution in Saccharomyces yeast
                            Dr. Caiti Heil, NC State University

4:00-4:15 PM      Yeast Species Emergence and Adaptation to Extreme Environmental Stressors 
                            Dr. Emmanuel Nnadi, Plateau State University, Nigeria

4:15-4:20 PM      Closing remarks – Dr. Joe Heitman

5:00–8:00 PM     After Party at Durty Bull Brewing Company catered by Sitar Indian Cuisine & Locopops

Address: 206 Broadway St #104, Durham, NC 27701

Support provided by Duke Department of Molecular Genetics & Microbiology, Center for Host-Microbial Interactions and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research

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Passcode: mycology

After Party at Durty Bull Brewing Company

5:00-8:00 PM

Catered by Sitar Indian Cuisine & Locopops

206 Broadway St #104, Durham, NC 27701

Durty Bull is located at 206 Broadway Street in Durham NC (on the corner of Broadway and North Street) and is a 12-minute drive from the French Science Center. A paved parking lot is located next to the building (enter on North Street), with additional street parking along North St. or Corporation St.

There is also paid parking available in the parking garage at Liberty Warehouse613 Rigsbee Avenue, about a 5-minute walk from Durty Bull. Enter the parking garage from W. Corporation Street between Foster St and Rigsbee St.