Faculty members in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology have been well-recognized for their achievements.
Award Faculty
American Society for Microbiology Award for Basic Research (2019)Heitman
American Society for Microbiology Award for Early Career Basic Research (2019)Heaton
National Academy of Sciences MemberPetes, Joklik, Heitman and Jinks-Robertson
National Academy of MedicineJoklik
American Academy of Arts and Sciences MemberPetes, HeitmanSue Jinks-Robertson, PhD
Association of American Physicians MemberHeitman
American Association for the Advancement of Science FellowMarchuk, Coyne, Tobin, Luftig, Petes Heitman, Mitchell, Keene, Cullen, Jinks-Robertson, Cardenas-Corona, Valdivia, Matsunami, McCusker, Sullivan, and Rawls
American Society for Clinical Investigation FellowHeitman and Chi
American Academy of Microbiology FellowMitchell, Coyne, Keene, Joklik, Heitman, Petes, Cullen, Jinks-Robertson, Valdivia, Rawls and Harrell
Whitehead Scholar AwardValdivia, Coers,Silver, Ko, Tobin, Horner, David, Yan, Heaton, Smith, Scaglione and Lowe
Mallinckrodt Foundation AwardTobin
NIH New Innovator AwardTobin
Searle ScholarTobin, David
Vallee Scholar AwardTobin
Beckman Young InvestigatorDavid
Alfred P. Sloan Research AwardDavid
10 Scientists to Watch in 2016 David
Hartwell Foundation AwardDavid, Heaton, and Silver
Trice-Holland Scholars AwardSilver, Marchuk, Keene, and Yan
The Burroughs Wellcome FundHeitman, Coyne, Heaton, David, Valdivia, Chi, Coers, Horner
Pew FoundationValdivia, Rawls, Keene
Squibb Award from the Infectious Diseases Society of AmericaHeitman
AMGEN Award from the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular BiologyHeitman
MERIT award from the NIH/NIAIDHeitman
Duke Research Mentoring Award for Translational ResearchHeitman
Duke Dean's Award for Excellence in Mentoring Award Heitman
Stanley Korsmeyer Award from the American Society for Clinical InvestigationHeitman
Distinguished Mycologist Award, Mycological Society of AmericaHeitman
Elected Member of the German National Academy of Sciences - LeopoldinaJoseph Heitman, MD, PhD
Rhoda Benham Award from the Medical Mycological Society of the AmericasHeitman
Billy Cooper Award from the Medical Mycology Society of the AmericasMitchell
Duke Research Mentoring Award for Basic Science ResearchCullen
Research Mentoring Award for Basic Science Research (2013)Cullen
ASM Merck Irving Sigal Award Valdivia and Ko
Christina Fleischmann Award for Young Women InvestigatorsHorner
Seymour & Vivian Milstein Young Investigator AwardHorner
ASM Young Investigator AwardHorner and Ko, Tobin, and Coers
March of Dimes Basil O'Connor Scholar (2004-2006)Sullivan
Board of the Genetics Society of AmericaJinks-Robertson
Elected Treasurer and appointed to the Board of Scientific Counselors for the National Cancer InstituteJinks-Robertson
Honorary Member of the LA-and-Related-Proteins Society (LARP)Keene
Creativity award from the National Science FoundationKeene
Henry Kunkel Honorary SocietyKeene
Arthritis Foundation’s Devil’s Bag AwardKeene
Executive Board for the International Epstein-Barr Virus AssociationLuftig
Invited Priscilla Schaffer Memorial Lecturer at the International Herpesvirus workshopLuftig
F1000 Prime Faculty MemberLuftig
Eli Lilly Molecular Biology Contact AwardCullen
Alexander von Humboldt Foundation Research AwardCullen
University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey Distinguished Alumni AwardCullen
Most cited AIDS researchers by Science (Heavy Hitters in AIDS, Vol.260, p.1262, 1993)Cullen
Appointed honorary position of Visiting Professor by the Imperial College of Science, Technology, and Medicine, LondonCullen
Distinguished Fellowship at the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at Durham University, UKCullen
Visiting Professorship by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IAS) at the University of Warwick, UKCullen
Listed as being in the top 1% of the world’s most “Highly Cited Researchers” by Thomson Reuters and Clarivate Analytics at Web of Science (2001-present)Cullen
James B. Duke ProfessorsCullen, Heitman, Sue Jinks-Robertson, PhD,Keene, Marchuk
Minnie Geller ProfessorPetes
Chair of Division F of the ASMMitchell
Scholar for the Roche Foundation for Anemia ResearchChi
President and Vice President of the Genetics Society of AmericaPetes
Ruth and A. Morris Williams Faculty Research Prize from Duke University School of MedicineTobin
Thomas Langord Lectureship Award from Duke UniversityTobin
Thomas Hunt Morgan Medal from the Genetics Society of America (2013)Petes
Ruth K. Broad Faculty Scholar in Neuroscience (2015)Silver
American Society for VirologyCoyne
Mary Bernheim Distinguished Professor Jinks-Robertson
Cozzarelli Prize for best 2013 Biomedical Sciences Publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of SciencesCoyne
American Heart Association Pennsylvania/Delaware Affiliate Excellence Award Coyne
American Heart Association Postdoctoral Research FellowshipCoyne
Postdoctoral Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award (NRSA) Coyne

Editorial Positions

Faculty members in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology have served in the following editorial positions:

Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi
2009 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2017 - PresentEditor, BMC Medical Genomics
Editor, Prostate Cancer and Prostatic Diseases
Jörn Coers
2010 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2017-2019Editorial Board, Infection & Immunity
2018-PresentPLoS Pathogens Pearls Editor
2018-PresentPathogens and Disease co-editor in chief
Carolyn Coyne
2009 - 2017Faculty Member, Faculty of 1000 (Virology)
2010 - PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Virology
2013 - PresentEditorial Board, Virology
2014 - 2016Associate Editor, RNA viruses, PLoS Pathogens
2015 - 2017Senior Editor, mSphere
2015 - 2021Standing member, NIH Study Section, NIAID VIRA
2015 - PresentMini-Review Editor, Journal of Virology
2015 - Present Opinions Editor, PLoS Pathogens
2017 - Present Editorial Board, mBio
2018 - PresentBoard of Reviewing
Bryan Cullen
1990-1994Associate Editor, Cell
1990-2007Editorial Board, AIDS
1991 - PresentEditorial Board, AIDS Research and Human Retroviruses
Associate Editor , Virology
Editorial Board, Virology
1997-2001Editorial Board, Cell Growth & Differentiation
1988 - 2002;
2005 - Present
Editorial Board, Journal of Virology
2000 - PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes
2001-2006Associate Editor, Current Molecular Medicine
2004 - PresentEditorial Board, RNA Biology
2005 - 2014Editorial Board Member, Molecular Cell
2005 - PresentEditorial Board, Future Virology
2007 - 2016Editorial Board, Open Virology Journal
2009 - PresentAssociate Editor, PLoS Pathogens
2009 - 2016Editorial Board, Journal of Virological Methods
2011-presentEditorial Board, MicroRNA
2018 - PresentEditoral Board, RNA
Lawrence David
2017 - PresentBoard of Advisors, Genome Magazine
Fred Dietrich
2011 - 2015Associate Editor, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
Joseph Heitman
2001 - 2010Associate Editor, Mycopathologia
2001 - 2014Editor, Current Genetics
2001 - PresentAssociate Editor, Fungal Genetics and Biology
2002 - 2012Editor, Eukaryotic Cell
2006 - PresentEditorial Board, PLoS Biology
2006 - PresentEditorial Board, Current Biology
2006 - PresentEditorial Board, Cell Host & Microbe
2007 - 2012Anti-Infective Agents in Medicinal Chemistry
2008 - 2012Editorial Board, The Open Tropical Medicine Journal
2008 - 2011Section Editor, PLoS Pathogens
2009 - 2012Editorial Board, Virulence
2010 - 2017Editorial Board, Journal of Molecular Medicine
2011 - PresentEditorial Board, Fungal Biology Reviews
2011 - PresentEditorial Board, PLoS Pathogens Pearls Editor
2012 - 2017Associate Editor, Genetics
2012 - PresentAssociate Editor, PLoS Genetics
2012 - PresentF1000 Research, Editorial Board Member
2012 - PresentMicrobiology Spectrum, Associate Editor
2012 - PresentAcademic Editor, PeerJ
2013 - 2015Eukaryotic Cell, Editorial Board
2013 - PresentmBio, Board of Editors
2014 - PresentPLOS Pathogens, Senior Pearls Editor
2018 - presentSpecialty Chief Editor, Frontiers in Cellular and Infection Microbiology, Fungal Pathogenesis
Stacy Horner
2014 - 2018Academic Editor, PeerJ
2015 - 2018Academic Editor, PLoS One
2016 - PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Virology
2016 - PresentEditorial Board, Virology
2017- PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry
Sue Jinks-Robertson
1993 - 1997Associate Editor, Genetics
2008 - PresentAssociate Editor, DNA Repair
2012 - PresentAssociate Editor, PLoS Genetics
Jack Keene
1983 - 2007Editorial Board, Virology
1985 - 1995Editorial Board, Journal of Virology
1991 - 2008Editorial Board, Molecular and Cellular Biology
1992 - 2000Editor, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
1995 - 2002Editorial Board, Molecular Diversity
2000 - 2005Editor-in-Chief, Microbiology and Molecular Biology Reviews
2001 - PresentEditorial Board, Nature Molecule Pages
2003 - 2008Editorial Board, Journal of Biological Chemistry
2005 - PresentAssociate Editor, RNA Biology
2008 - PresentAssociate Editor, Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews (WIRES): RNA
Dennis Ko
2013 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
Micah Luftig
2009 - 2014Academic Editor, PLoS One
2014 - PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Virology
Douglas Marchuk
2011 - PresentAssociate Editor, Journal of Clinical Investigation
Hiroaki Matsunami
2006 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2009 - PresentEditoral Board, Frontiers in Neurobiology: Neural Circuits
2013 - PresentAcademic Editor, PeerJ
John McCusker
2010 - 2015Editorial Board, Eukaryotic Cell
2011 - PresentAssociate Editor, G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics
John Rawls
2008 - PresentAssociate Editor, Gut Microbes
2012 - 2018Academic Editor, PLoS One
2015 - PresentEditorial Board Member, mSystems
Matt Scaglione
2016 - PresentEditor, American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative Physicology
Debra Silver
2010 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2012 - PresentEditorial Board Member, PeerJ
2018 - Present Board Member Cajal Club
2019 - PresentEditorial Board, Developmental Neuroscience
2019 - Present Editorial Board, Frontiers in Neuroscience
Beth Sullivan
2006 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2010 - 2013Associate Editor, Chromosome Research
2010 - PresentAssociate Editor, PLoS Genetics
2012 - PresentEditorial Board Member, PeerJ
2013 - 2019Executive Editor, Chromosome Research
2020-PresentCo-Editor-in-Chief, Chromosome Research
David Tobin
2011 - PresentAcademic Editor, PLoS One
2015 - presentMonitoring Editor, Disease Models and Mechanisms
2016 - presentEditorial Board, Infection and Immunity
Raphael Valdivia
2006 - 2013Academic Editor, PLoS One
2007 - 2013Associate Editor, PLoS Pathogens
2008 - PresentMember Faculty of 1000
2012 - PresentConsulting Editor, Journal of Clinical Investigation
2014 - PresentEditorial Board, Journal of Bacteriology
2014 - PresentSection Editor, PLoS Pathogens
2015 - presentEditorial Board, Pathogens and Disease
Editorial Board, Infection and Immunity
Dong Yan
2014 - presentAcademic Editor, PeerJ
2018 - presentAcademic Editor, PLOS One