Wen-Hsuan Yang

Wen-Hsuan Yang
Research Scholar

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Chi Lab

I was born and raised in Taiwan. I received my B.S. degree in Biology and M.S. degree in Biochemistry from National Taiwan University in 2010 and 2012, respectively. During my Master’s degree, our lab focused on the study of tristetraprolin (TTP) family proteins, which regulate AU-rich element (ARE)-containing mRNA decay. Under the mentorship of Dr. Ching-Jin Chang, my Master’s thesis focused on the identification of mRNA targets and functional characterization of TTP family proteins in Drosophila and mouse preadipocytes. My research in these projects resulted in the co-first authorship of two publications. Upon completion of my Master’s degree, I worked as a research assistant at Academia Sinica (X-Ray Crystallography & Structural Biology Lab) and Chang Gung University (Tissue Engineering Lab). In 2014, I arrived at Duke University and recently joined Dr. Chi’s lab. My research project is to study RNA biology in stored erythrocytes.

In my spare time, I experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen, taking advantage of the beautiful scenery and trails around Durham, and keeping in touch over Skype with my little nephews in Taiwan.


Yeh, P.A.*, Yang, W.H.*, Chiang, P.Y.*, Wang, S.C., Chang, M.S., and Chang, C.J. (2012). Drosophila eyes absent is a novel mRNA target of the tristetraprolin (TTP) protein DTIS11. Int J Biol Sci 8, 606-619.

Lin, N.Y.*, Lin, T.Y.*, Yang, W.H.*, Wang, S.C., Wang, K.T., Su, Y.L., Jiang, Y.W., Chang, G.D., and Chang, C.J. (2012). Differential expression and functional analysis of the tristetraprolin family during early differentiation of 3T3-L1 preadipocytes. Int J Biol Sci 8, 761-777.