Samantha Chou

Samantha Chou
Visiting MSTP Student

Contact Information:

Scaglione Lab

Research Interest:
My interests lie in studying the mechanisms behind neurological diseases, investigating novel treatments for said diseases, and how said mechanisms can have an overall effect on cognition.  Our lab focuses on the role of protein aggregation in neurodegenerative disorders.  My project is to investigate the therapeutic potential of SRCP1 in the HD mouse model, in particular its effect not only on protein aggregation in a live animal, but also its effect on the HD phenotype.

Personal Interests:
Rock climbing (mainly top roping), sewing, flute, playing board games that take longer than they should, cooking Gordon Ramsay recipes

Publication List:
Yu, S., Ribeiro, T. L., Meisel, C., Chou, S., Mitz, A., Saunders, R., Plenz, D. (2017). Maintained avalanche dynamics during task-induced changes of neuronal activity in nonhuman primates. Elife. 6: e27119.