Colin Lickwar

Colin Lickwar
Senior Research Associate

Contact Information:

Rawls Lab

Colin is originally from Duxbury, Vermont. He received his PhD from the lab of Jason Lieb at UNC Chapel Hill. He joined the Rawls lab in 2013 to study genomics and transcriptional regulation of host/microbe interactions in the gut.


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Genome-wide protein-DNA binding dynamics suggest a molecular clutch for transcription factor function. Lickwar CR, Mueller F, Hanlon SE, McNally JG, Lieb JD. Nature. 2012 Apr 11;484(7393):251-5.

The Set2/Rpd3S pathway suppresses cryptic transcription without regard to gene length or transcription frequency. Lickwar CR, Rao B, Shabalin AA, Nobel AB, Strahl BD, Lieb JD.
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