Camila Musso

Camila Musso

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Silver Lab

Research Interest:
Cortical Development / Radial Glial Cells / RNA localization/transport / Local Translation / Optogenetics

Publication List:
1. ROMANELLI-TAVARES, V.L.; KAGUE, E.; MUSSO, C.M.; ALEGRIA, T.G.P.; FREITAS, R.S.; BERTOLA, D.; TWIGG. S.R.F.; PASSOS-BUENO, M.R. Craniofrontonasal syndrome caused by introduction of a novel uATG in the 5′UTR of EFNB1. Molecular Syndromology, 2018. 2. HSIA, G.S.P.*; MUSSO, C.M.*; ALVIZI, L.; BRITO, L.A.; KOBAYASHI, G.S.; PAVANELLO, R.C.M.; ZATZ, M.; GARDHAM, A.; WAKELING, E.; ZECHI-CEIDE, R.M.; BERTOLA, D.; PASSOS-BUENO, M.R. *Co-first authors. Complexity of the 5´ Untranslated Region of EIF4A3, a Critical Factor for Craniofacial and Neural Development. Frontiers in Genetics, v. 9, 149, 2018. 3. CAIRES, L.C.J.; GOULART, E.; MELO, U.S.; ARAUJO, BRUNO H.S.; ALVIZI, L.; SOARES-SCHANOSKI, A.; OLIVEIRA, D.F.; Kobayashi, G.S.; GRIESI-OLIVEIRA, K.; MUSSO, C.M.; AMARAL, M.S.; SILVA, L.F.; (…) PASSOS-BUENO, M.R.; ZATZ, M. Discordant congenital Zika syndrome twins show differential in vitro viral susceptibility of neural progenitor cells. Nature Communications, v. 9, p. 475, 2018. 4. MILLER, E.E.; KOBAYASHI, G.S.; MUSSO, C.M.; ALLEN, M.; ISHIY, F.A.A.; CAIRES, L.C.J.; GUIMARÃES, E.; GRIESI-OLIVEIRA, K.; ZECHI-CEIDE, R.M.; RICHIERI-COSTA, A.; BERTOLA, D.; PASSOS-BUENO, M.R.; SILVER, D.L. EIF4A3 deficient human iPSCs and mouse models demonstrate neural crest defects that underlie Richieri-Costa-Pereira Syndrome. Human Molecular Genetics, v. 26, p. 2177-2191, 2017.  5. ALVES, L.U.; SANTOS, S.; MUSSO, C.M.; EZQUINA, S.A.M.; OPITZ, J.M.; KOK, F.; OTTO, P.A.; MINGRONI-NETTO, R.C. Santos syndrome is caused by mutation in the WNT7A gene. Journal of Human Genetics, v. 62, p. 1073-1078, 2017.  6. ARAUJO, B.H.S.; KAID, C.; DE SOUZA, J.S.; GOMES DA SILVA, S.; GOULART, E.; CAIRES, L.C.J.; MUSSO, C.M.; TORRES, L.B.; FERRASA, A.; HERAI, R.; ZATZ, M.; OKAMOTO, O.K.; CAVALHEIRO, E.A. Down Syndrome iPSC-Derived Astrocytes Impair Neuronal Synaptogenesis and the mTOR Pathway In Vitro. Molecular Neurobiology, v. 1, p. 1-14, 2017.  7. SAVASTANO, C.P.; BRITO, L.A.; FARIA, A.C.; SETÓ-SALVIA, N.; PESKETT, E.; MUSSO, C.M.; ALVIZI, L.; EZQUINA, S.A.M.; JAMES, C.; BEALES, P.; LEES, M.; MOORE, G.E.; STANIER, P.; PASSOS-BUENO, M.R. Impact of rare variants in ARHGAP29 to the etiology of oral clefts: role of loss-of-function vs missense variants. Clinical Genetics, v. 91, p. 683-689, 2016.  8. GOULART, E.; CAIRES, L.C.J.; MUSSO, C.M.; ALMEIDA, M.M.; GONCALVES, C.F.; PETTERSEN, K.G.; PAES, S.T.; GARCIA, R.M.G.; MATHIAS, P.C.; TORREZAN, R.; MOURAO- JUNIOR, C.A.; ANDREAZZI, A.E. Altered behavior of adult obese rats by monosodium l-glutamate neonatal treatment is related to hypercorticosteronemia and activation of hypothalamic ERK1 and ERK2. Nutritional Neuroscience, p. 1-8, 2015.  9. CAIRES, L.C.J.; GOULART, E.; MUSSO, C.M.; STABLER, C.T.; GARCIA, R.M.G.; MOURAO-JUNIOR, C.A.; ANDREAZZI, A.E. Behavior and memory evaluation of Wistar rats exposed to 1·8 GHz radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation. Neurological Research, v. 36(9), p. 800-803, 2014.  10. ALMEIDA, M.M.; CAIRES, L.C.J.; MUSSO, C.M.; CAMPOS, J.M.S.; MARANDUBA, C.M.C.; MACEDO, G.C.; MENDONÇA, J.P.R.F.; GARCIA, R.M.G. Protocol to cryopreserve and isolate nuclei from adipose tissue without dimethyl sulfoxide. Genetics and Molecular Research, v. 13, p. 10921-10933, 2014.