Jeff Bourgeois and Dan Snellings Receive Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence (CARE)

MGM graduate students Jeff Bourgeois, Jr. (Ko Lab) and Dan Snellings (Marchuk Lab) have been selected as recipients of the 2021-2022 Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence (CARE).

“I’m extremely shocked, grateful, and honored to have received the CARE award,” says Jeff. “I didn’t know that I had been nominated, never mind that I would be competitive for it. I’m incredibly thankful for Dennis Ko, as he’s been a never-ending source of encouragement and inspiration over the past six years, and has molded me into the researcher I am today. I’m also indebted to the UPGG program and MGM department for the incredible support and helpful conversations I’ve benefited from during my time at Duke.”

His mentor Dennis Ko reflects, “Jeff has had an impact on so many projects during his time in my lab. From his relentless drive in pushing forward his own projects on Salmonella virulence to helping on so many other projects by doing experiments and training many students on various techniques to his great constructive feedback in lab meetings and on manuscripts and grants. My lab just wouldn’t be what it has become without him, and I look forward to seeing what scientific challenges he tackles in the years ahead.”

Dan Snellings responds, “I am honored to be chosen for the Chancellor’s Award for Research Excellence. I have been very fortunate throughout my training to have the support of my advisor Douglas Marchuk and the MGM community which has been an amazing source of mentorship and scientific collaboration.”

“Dan is an outstanding graduate student who has made important contributions to our understanding of vascular malformations,” notes his mentor Doug Marchuk. “He is a team player who is well respected by all of the lab members of our various program project grants. He also exemplifies great lab citizenship. He lends a hand with computational tasks for everyone in our lab and many other graduate students in our department. He is truly deserving of this award.”