Past MGM SURE Fellows


Headshot of Griffin HaasGriffin Haas (Heaton)




Headshot of John LuJohn Lu (Luftig)




Headshot of Demi ZhuDemi Zhu (Jinks-Robertson) 




Headshot of Kyle Ockerman

Kyle Ockerman (Yan)




Headshot of Martine UweraMartine Uwera (Perfect)





Duke Chapel Jonathan Grego 





Headshot of Gabriel Degotto

Gabriel Dagotto (Heitman)




Headshot of Delta Ghoshal
Delta Ghoshal (Cullen)




Headshot of Alvin Han
Alvin Han (Seed)


Duke Chapel Peter Luo (Derbyshire)





Headshot of Kyle Ockerman
Kyle Ockerman (Yan)



Headshot of Mawuli Attipoe
Mawuli Attipoe (Horner)




Headshot of Kimberline Chew
Kimberline Chew (Sullivan)



Headshot of Nick Donadio
Nick Donadio (Heitman)



Headshot of Vinay Giri
Vinay Giri (Perfect)



Headshot of Luke Glover
Luke Glover (Ko



Headshot of Quang Nguyen
Quang Nguyen (Permar)




Ashley Gartin (Pickup Lab)
Project: Enhancement of Secretory IgA Induction at Mucosal Surfaces by Inducible Nitric Oxide Synthase (iNOS)-Encoding Vaccinia Virus

Jane Hung (Tobin Lab)
Project: Investigation of an unusual Mycobacterium tuberculosis outbreak

Lauren Kerivan (Marchuk Lab)
Project: Cell Signaling Consequences of the GNAQ p.R183Q mutation in Sturge Weber Syndrome

Molly Kuo (Sullivan Lab)
Project: Genomic Basis of Human Chromosome 17 Instability

Cristina Salinas (Luftig Lab)
Project: EBV-Mediated Resistance to BCL-2 Family Antagonists ABT-737 and ABT-199 During B-Cell Proliferation

Nachi Shamaprasad (Heitman Lab)
Project: A Yeast Model for Tumorigenic Mutations in the Isocitrate Dehydrogenase Enzymes IDH1 and IDH2