Mission Statement: The MGM Outreach Group consists of graduate students passionate about increasing public awareness and appreciation for science.  We are committed to improving public knowledge of scientific concepts through hands on workshops because we believe that the best way to learn and understand science, is to do it! Our mission is to include the greater triangle area in the exciting field of microbial science and to connect with anyone interested in learning more about STEM fields.

Student Outreach Leaders are Erin Schroeder (erin.schroeder@duke.edu) and Peyton Moore (peyton.moore@duke.edu

Outreach Opportunities in the Triangle:

1. “This spreadsheet list extra science outreach opportunities in the Triangle:”


Planned events:
“To view and signup for 2023-2024 outreach events, please use the following link:” https://forms.gle/t6Vz7RSk3QgdKCrt8


Individual Outreach Opportunities: 

1. SciREN Triangle: Thursday September 28th 2023 from 6:00-8:30 PM 

“The free SciREN Triangle networking event provides a networking opportunity for educators and researchers. At SciREN events, researchers share K-12 classroom-ready lesson plans that are based on their current research.” Learn more here: 



2. Journal of Emerging Investigators

“The Journal of Emerging Investigators is a science journal and mentorship program publishing research by middle and high school scientists.” Volunteer on their editorial branch as a peer reviewer or editor or in a management position through their marketing and operation divisions. Learn more and apply here:



3. Building Opportunities and Overtures in Science and Technology (BOOST)

“BOOST aims to create a pipeline that attracts, engages, supports, and retains underrepresented minority (URM) students in the sciences throughout their pre-collegiate education. We do this by exposing these students and their families to new people, places, and experiences that can open new worlds for them.” Coach applications are accepted in early spring for the following year. Learn more and apply here: 



4. NC Natural Sciences Museum in Raleigh 

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences involves volunteers in world-class exhibits and learning centers, research labs and daily hands-on programs, with on-the-job training.” Minimum of 4 hrs per month. Learn more and apply here:



5. Durham Museum of Life and Science 

From caring for our animal habitats, to keeping the Museum in tip-top shape, there’s a chance for everyone to volunteer at the Museum. You’ll get to learn about biology, horticulture, engineering, and animal care.” Minimum of 4 hrs per month. Learn more and apply here:


6. Letters to a Pre-Scientist

“Letters to a Pre-Scientist connects students to STEM professionals through snail mail to broaden students ’ awareness of what STEM professionals look like and do at work and inspire all students to explore a future in STEM.” Learn more here:



Previous Outreach Leaders: Hannah McMillan, Heather Froggatt, Hannah Brown, Dora Posfai, Josh Messinger, Shannon Esher, Joe Saelens, Eric Walton, Katherine Rempe, Casey Perley, Kristen Smith, Erin Curtis, Jana Cable