Mathews Promoted to Chief Administrative Officer

Kris Mathews has been promoted by the School of Medicine from Senior Business Manager to Administrative Director, with a new working title: Chief Administrative Officer in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology. This is a richly deserved promotion in recognition of Kris’ myriad contributions to the success of both MGM and the School of Medicine.

Kris arrived with nearly 20 years of previous research administration and financial management experience when she joined MGM and Duke in March of 2015. In her positions at Duke, she has served as Grants and Contracts Administrator and Financial Analyst II before assuming the Senior Business Manager position in January 2020. As Chief Administrative Officer of MGM, Kris will continue to provide overall administrative leadership for our highly productive department, including coordination of support for MGM faculty and labs, managing departmental finances and budgets, grant administration, space and facilities planning, and policy interpretation. Kris oversees 13 MGM administrative team members, and together they support our MGM community and mission of outstanding research, training, and education. We are deeply indebted to Kris for her administrative leadership, acumen, and sage advice and vision, and to her team of their dedication and service that contribute to the success of the department at every level. Please join us in congratulating Kris on this richly deserved promotion and in thanking her for her dedication to excellence and success of the department.