Jun Huang, José Vargas-Muñiz Selected to Serve on mBio Early Career Editorial Board

The Heitman lab's Jun Huang, PhD, and Tri-I MMPTP alum José Vargas-Muñiz, PhD, have both been chosen to serve on the mBio Early Career Editorial Board until December 31, 2025.

The Early Career Editorial Board, previously known as the Junior Editorial Board, consists of 70 early-career scientists selected to be provided with scholarly publishing and peer review training, hands-on experience reviewing mBio manuscripts, and the opportunity to develop relationships with members of the mBio Board of Editors and other members at ASM.

Dr. Vargas-Muñiz, assistant professor in Virginia Tech's Department of Biological Sciences, writes, "Peer review is one of the pillars of the modern scientific endeavor. I feel honored to have hands-on training in this process from leaders in my field and contribute to the microbiology community in general."

Dr. Huang says, "Being selected to the mBio Early Career Editorial Board is a tremendous honor, particularly given the important role mBio plays as a leading society journal in microbiology. With a focus on fungal genetics, I've consistently appreciated mBio's dedication to advancing our understanding of microbial systems through cutting-edge research. I'm truly excited to contribute to this prestigious platform, not only in enhancing my expertise in peer review procedures but also in expanding our community outreach efforts."

MGM faculty Dr. Asiya Gusa recently completed her term on the board and comments, "Serving on the mBio Junior Editorial board was a uniquely intensive opportunity to learn from experienced editors who understand that peer review requires training and practice. I learned how to provide tactful critiques and employ appropriate, professional language in all correspondence visible to editors and anonymous to manuscript authors. I have no doubt that this training will improve the rigor and quality of my own manuscripts, but also improve my science communication skills."