Heitman Elected to the National Academy of Sciences

Congratulations to Joseph Heitman, James B. Duke Professor and Chair of MGM and Tri-I MMPTP  Director, who was one of two Duke Faculty members elected to the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS). Heitman studies model and pathogenic fungi to address unsolved problems in biology and medicine. His pioneering research using the model budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae led to the discovery of FKBP12 and TOR as the targets of rapamycin, a drug now widely used in organ transplantation, cancer chemotherapy, and interventional cardiology. Joe joins 3 other MGM faculty members, Sue Jinks-RobertsonTom Petes, PhD and Bill Joklik, PhD who were previously elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

“This honor is a direct reflection of having been fortunate to be surrounded by amazingly talented and motivated cadre of students, fellows, lab personnel, collaborators, and colleagues over the past several decades.  It is their efforts that made any such success both possible and a reality.  It is also a direct reflection on an institutional ethos and culture that supports, sustains, inspires, and celebrates discovery-driven science.”  – Joseph Heitman

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