Chin Yee Tan

Surana Lab

Chin Yee Tan MGM Graduate Student (2017)



I was born in Singapore and did my undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore (NUS). My honors research was in molecular cancer biology. Working in the laboratory of A/Prof Ong Sin Tiong, I investigated the effect of physiological hypoxia on drug resistance in chronic myeloid leukemia. Thereafter, I enrolled into medical school at Duke-NUS and have finished my clinical year before starting PhD here.

I initially considered Duke because its areas of research strengths synergize well with my scientific interests. My positive interview experience with the faculty further cemented this decision- the resources at Duke, coupled with the environment of Durham provide ample opportunity for me to develop, both as a person and a researcher.

Research Interests: 
While my undergraduate work focused on cancer biology, I chose to delve into my longtime interest in virology and microbiology in grad school. I do so hoping that my training in clinical medicine and cancer biology are transferable and will someday contribute to this burgeoning community’s understanding of microbes.

Personal Interests:
Outside of lab, I may be found reading, listening to The Strokes or at the bar. I participate in combat sports such as Muay Thai but am keen to try something more joint-friendly as age catches up. Medical technology is also a recent interest of mine, as are Netflix and scotch whisky.