Stacy Horner, PhD

Associate Professor
Co-Director, Center for RNA Biology

0030 CARL Building
Box 3053 DUMC
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: (919) 684-1921
Fax: (919) 684-2790


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The overall goal of our research is to define the virus-host interactions that control the outcome of infection to hepatitis C virus and other Flaviviridae, including dengue virus and Zika virus. Our research is focused on defining the molecular mechanisms of how these viruses activate and evade host innate immune defenses, as well as the RNA regulatory controls to viral infection and immunity. In particular, we are interested in the role that intracellular membranes play in organizing innate immune signaling platforms during RNA virus infection. We are also pioneering efforts to define how the post-transcriptional RNA modification N6-methyladeonsine regulates Flaviviridae virus infection and antiviral innate immunity.

Our lab uses interdisciplinary approaches to study RNA virus-host interactions, combining techniques from cell biology, virology, biochemistry, and RNA biology to reveal the viral and host strategies that regulate viral infection, with the ultimate goal of developing new immunomodulatory strategies for virus treatment and prevention. Our lab actively participates in the Centers for Virology, Host-Microbial Interaction, RNA Biology, and Epigenetics at Duke.