Headshot of Maria Cardenas-Corona, PhDMaria Cardenas-Corona, PhD
Research Professor
(919) 684-0278



Headshot of Jen-Tsan Ashley Chi, MD, PhDJen-Tsan Ashley Chi, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Center for Genomic and Computational Biology
(919) 668-4759


Headshot of Jörn Coers, PhDJörn Coers, PhD
Assistant Professor
(919) 684-7109



Headshot of Bryan R. Cullen, PhDBryan R. Cullen, PhD
James B. Duke Professor
Director, Center for Virology
(919) 684-3369


Headshot of Lawrence David, PhDLawrence David, PhD
Assistant Professor
Center for Genomic and Computational Biology
(919) 668-5388


Headshot of Fred Dietrich, PhDFred Dietrich, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 684-2857



Headshot of Nicholas Heaton, PhDNicholas Heaton, PhD
Assistant Professor
(919) 684-1351



Headshot of Joseph Heitman, MD, PhD

Joseph Heitman, MD, PhD
James B. Duke Professor and Chair
(919) 684-2824



Headshot of Stacy M. Horner, PhDStacy M. Horner, PhD
Assistant Professor
Co-Director, Center for RNA Biology
(919) 684-1921


Headshot of Sue Jinks-Robertson, PhD

Sue Jinks-Robertson, PhD
Director, Cell and Molecular Biology Program
(919) 681-7273


Headshot of Jack Keene, PhD

Jack Keene, PhD
James B. Duke Professor
(919) 684-5138



Headshot of Dennis Ko, MD, PhDDennis Ko, MD, PhD
Assistant Professor
(919) 684-5834



Headshot of Micah Luftig, PhDMicah Luftig, PhD
Associate Professor
Deputy Director, Center for Virology
Director of Graduate Studies
(919) 668-3091


Headshot of Doug Marchuk, PhDDoug Marchuk, PhD
James B. Duke Professor
Director, Division of Human Genetics
(919) 684-1945



Headshot of Hiroaki Matsunami, PhDHiroaki Matsunami, PhD
(919) 684-2777



Headshot of John H. McCusker, PhDJohn H. McCusker, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 681-6744



Headshot of Thomas D. Petes, PhDThomas D. Petes, PhD
Minnie Geller Professor
(919) 684-4986



Headshot of David J. Pickup, PhDDavid J. Pickup, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 684-2480



Headshot of John Rawls, PhDJohn Rawls, PhD
Associate Professor
Director, Center for Genomics of Microbial Systems
(919) 613-7212



Headshot of Debra Silver, PhDDebra Silver, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 668-7909



Headshot of Beth Sullivan, PhDBeth Sullivan, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 684-9038



Headshot of David Tobin, PhDDavid Tobin, PhD
Associate Professor
(919) 684-9152



Headshot of Raphael Valdivia, PhDRaphael Valdivia, PhD
Vice Dean for Basic Science
(919) 668-3831


Headshot of Dong Yan, PhDDong Yan, PhD
Assistant Professor
(919) 684-1929



Primary Research Track Faculty

* Primary Research Track Faculty without Graduate Faculty Appointments

Headshot of Tatjana Abaffy

Tatjana Abaffy*
Volatile metabolomics signatures of cancer and its olfactory detection



Headshot of Robert Bastidas, PhD* Robert Bastidas, PhD*
Characterizing the phenotypic plasticity inherent to the rapamycin and FK506 receptor FKBP12 in Mucor circinelloides
(919) 668-2450


Headshot of Holly DressmanHolly Dressman*
Gene expression profiling
(919) 668-1583



 Headshot of  So Young KimSo Young Kim*
Functional genomics approaches to uncover and characterize mechanisms of tumorigenesis and tumor maintenance
(919) 684-7955



Headshot of Sunhee LeeSunhee Lee
Mycobacterium tuberculosis virulence factors and it’s immune evasion


Headshot of Sheng Sun

Sheng Sun*
The evolution of mating type locus in fungi, including the transition between tetrapolar and bipolar mating systems
(919) 684-3036

Emeritus/Retired Primary Faculty

Wolfgang Karl (Bill) Joklik

Lizzie J. Harrell

Elwood Linney, PhD

Thomas Mitchell

Joseph Nevins