Aballay and Valdivia elected fellows of American Academy of Microbiology

Durham, N.C. (March 2017) – Alejandro Aballay, PhD, professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology and Raphael Valdivia, professor of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology were selected as 2017 Fellows of the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM).

The American Academy of Microbiology is the honorific leadership group within the American Society for Microbiology. Each year, members of the AAM, known as Fellows, are elected through a highly selective, annual, peer-reviewed process, based on their records of scientific achievement and original contributions that have advanced microbiology and provide microbiological expertise in the service of science and the public.

The Academy serves as a resource to governmental agencies, industry, ASM and the larger scientific and lay communities by convening colloquia to address critical issues in microbiology.  Through its sponsorship of the American College of Microbiology, the Academy certifies outstanding microbiologists and immunologists in clinical and industrial specialties and accredits postdoctoral training programs in clinical and public health microbiology and immunology.  In addition, the Academy manages ASM’s scientific achievement awards program, recognizing outstanding achievement and potential in all areas of microbiology.  The Academy convenes four to five colloquia a year for in-depth analysis of critical issues in microbiology.

Aballay and Valdivia will be recognized during the ASM Microbe Meeting in New Orleans, LA in June 2017.

For more information about the American Academy of Microbiology (AAM), please visit their web site at: http://www.asm.org/index.php/aam

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