Jim McGinnis Memorial Lecture

List of Speakers

First Annual Lecture – March 29, 1979
“Spliced Genomes and Spliced RNAs”
Dr. Joseph Sambrook
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Second Annual Lecture – April 1, 1980
“Antibodies: Split Genes and Jumping Genes”
Dr. Lee Hood
California Institute of Technology

Third Annual Lecture – April 22, 1981
“Mechanisms and Enzymology of DNA Replication”
Dr. Bruce Alberts
University of California, San Francisco

Fourth Annual Lecture – May 3, 1982
“Normal and Neoplastic Lymphocyte Differentiation”
Dr. Irving L. Weissman
Stanford University

Fifth Annual Lecture – January 27, 1983
“Viruses, Genes and Cancer”
Dr. J. Michael Bishop
University of California, San Francisco

Sixth Annual Lecture – March 29, 1984
“Structure and Function of Ia Molecules”
Dr. Hugh O. McDevitt
Stanford University

Seventh Annual Lecture – April 4, 1985
“Implantation of Immunoglobulin Genes into the Mouse Genome”
Dr. David Baltimore
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Eighth Annual Lecture – March 31, 1986
“Misplaced Genes”
Dr. Philip Leder
Harvard Medical School

Ninth Annual Lecture – April 15, 1987
“Splicing of mRNA Precursors”
Dr. Phillip Sharp
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Tenth Annual Lecture – April 7, 1988
“Catalytic Antibodies”
Dr. Richard A. Lerner
Research Institute of Scripps Clinic

Eleventh Annual Lecture – March 23, 1989
“The Retinoblastoma Anti-Oncogene”
Dr. Robert A. Weinberg
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Twelfth Annual Lecture – March 22, 1990
“The T Cell Repertoire”
Dr. Philippa Marrack
Howard Hughes Medical Institute at Denver

Thirteenth Annual Lecture – April 18, 1991
“The Steroid recpetor Superfamily”
Dr. Ronald M. Evans
The Salk Institute, San Diego

Fourteenth Annual Lecture – April 30, 1992
“Molecular Basis of Leukocyte Localization in Inflammation”
Dr. Timothy A. Springer
Harvard Medical School

Fifteenth Annual Lecture – May 20, 1993
“Telomeres and Their Synthesis”
Dr. Elizabeth H. Blackburn
University of California, San Francisco

Sixteenth Annual Lecture – May 12, 1994
“The Erythropoietin Receptor:
Structure, Signaling and Tumorigenesis”
Dr. Harvey F. Lodish
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Seventeenth Annual Lecture – February 23, 1995
“Signaling Genes from the Cell Surface:
The JAK-STAT Pathway”
Dr. James E. Darnell, Jr.
The Rockefeller University

Eighteenth Annual Lecture – May 2, 1996
“Analysis of Developmental Processes in the Immune
System by Mutation”
Dr. Klaus Rajewsky
University of Cologne

Nineteenth Annual Lecture – March 13, 1997
“Life in the Cytoplasm: Tales of a DNA Virus”
Dr. Bernard Moss
NIAID, National Institutes of Health

Twentieth Annual Lecture – April 23, 1998
“Host Factors in the Pathogenesis of HIV Disease”
Dr. Anthony S. Fauci
NIAID, National Institutes of Health

Twenty-First Annual Lecture – March 11, 1999
“Downstream Views: Tracing Oncogenic Signals”
Dr. Peter K. Vogt
The Scripps Research Institute

Twenty-Second Annual Lecture – March 15, 2000
“Fidelity and Infidelity in the Commitment to
Differentiation of Hemato-lymphopoietic Cell Lineages”
Dr. Fritz Melchers
Basel Institute for Immunology

Twenty-Third Annual Lecture – February 28, 2001
“Vaccinology in Historic and Contemporary Perspective”
Dr. Maurice R. Hilleman
Merck Institute for Therapeutic Research

Twenty-Fourth Annual Lecture – March 6, 2002
“Cell Mediated Immunity in Virus Infections”
Dr. Peter Doherty
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Twenty-Fifth Annual Lecture – March 15, 2003
“Warts, Cancer and Ubiquitination:
Lessons from the Papillomaviruses”
Dr. Peter Howley
Harvard Medical School

Twenty-Sixth Annual Lecture – April 16, 2004
“Morphogenesis and Oncogenesis in
3D Mammary Epithelial Cultures”
Dr. Joan Brugge
Harvard Medical School

Twenty-Seventh Annual Lecture – April 5, 2005
“Genetic and Epigenetic Mechanisms Create
Extreme Functional Diversity in Fungi”
Dr. Gerald Fink
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Twenty-Eighth Annual Lecture – April 13, 2006
“Insights into Control of Alphavirus
Replication in Neurons”
Dr. Diane Griffin
Johns Hopkins University

Twenty-Ninth Annual Lecture – May 9, 2007
“Evolutionarily Conserved Roles
for Small RNA Pathways”
Dr. Greg Hannon
Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory

Thirtieth Annual Lecture – March 19, 2008
“The Cell Cycle: Spatial and Temporal Control of a Multicomponent Genetic Network”
Dr. Lucy Shapiro
Stanford University School of Medicine

Thirty-First Annual Lecture – April 21, 2009 
“Small RNAs and the Bacterial Response to Stress”
Dr. Susan Gottesman
NCI, NIH, Bethesda, Maryland

Thirty-Second Annual Lecture – April 12, 2010 
“A Life on Holliday ”
Dr. Stephen C. West
Cancer Research UK – London Research Institute

Thirty-Third Annual Lecture – May 10, 2011 
“Infectious Disease in the Era of Deep Sequencing”
Dr. Joseph L. DeRisi

Thirty-Fourth Annual Lecture – April 9, 2012
“Learning to Tolerate Our Microbial Self”
Dr. Sarkis Mazmanian

Thirty-Fifth Annual Lecture – March 26, 2013
“MicroRNAs and other regulatory RNAs”
Dr. David Bartel

Thirty-Sixth Annual Lecture – March 27, 2014
“The Biology of CRISPRs: From Viral Defense to Genome Engineering”
Dr. Jennifer A. Doudna

Thirty-Seventh Annual Lecture –  March 26, 2015
“Thoughts on the origin of microbial virulence”
Arturo Casadevall, MD, PhD
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Thirty-Eighth Annual Lecture –  March 17, 2016
“Bacterial Quorum Sensing and its Control”
Dr. Bonnie L. Bassler

Thirty-Ninth Annual Lecture –  March 30, 2017
“Rapid Evolution of the Cancer Karyotope”
Dr. David S. Pellman

Fortieth Annual Lecture – March 27, 2018
“Microgenetics: What we can learn from bits of genes”
Steve Elledge, Ph.D.

Forty-first Annual Lecture – March 5, 2019
“Development of microbiota-directed complementary foods
for treatment of childhood undernutrition”
Jeffrey Gordon, MD

Forty-second Annual Lecture – May 4, 2023
“The Collaborative Cross”
Fernando Pardo-Manuel de Villena, PhD