External Funding Opportunities

Awards Granted to MGM Departmental and Programmatic Students and Post-Doctoral Fellows (1999-2017)

Academy of Applied Science
Scott Tenebaum (PI: Keene)
1999 Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program
2000 Research and Engineering Apprenticeship Program

American Association for Cancer Research, Inc.
Andrea Hop Bild (PI: Nevins)
Prediction of Deregulated Oncogenic Signal Transduction Pathways

American Cancer Society, Inc.
Mark Cronan (PI: Tobin)
Probing Signaling in the Host Response to Mycobacterial Infection 

Jason Somarelli (PI: Garcia-Blanco)
Control of FGFR2 alternative splicing in EMT

Emily Chenette (PI: Nevins)
A Genomic Approach to Dissecting Ras Signaling in Lung Cancer

Timothy Hallstrom (PI: Nevins)
Cellular Control of E2F1-Dependent Apoptosis

Jeffrey Chang (PI: Nevins)
Decomposing the RB/E2F Pathway into Functional Components

Andrea Hop Bild (PI: Nevins)
Prediction of Oncogenic Pathway Deregulation in Tumorigenesis

American Heart Association
Nandan Gokhale (PI: Horner)
Understanding the role of N6-methyladenosine in hepatitis C virus infection</span

Helen Mao (PI: Silver)
Elucidating how members of an RNA surveillance complex, the EJC, regulates embryonic neurogenesis and brain development 

Cecelia Shertz (PI: Heitman)
Interactions of the microsporidian Encephalitozoon cuniculi and the atherosclerosis risk factor Chlamydophila pneumoniae

David McDonald (PI: Marchuk)
Investigating Early-Stage Lesions in Mouse Models of Cerebral Cavernous Malformations

Hao Tang (PI: Marchuk)
TNNI3K kinase function and its role in cardiomyopathy

Amy Jacon (PI: Marchuk)
Cerebral Cavernous Malformations: From Dilated Capillaries to Complex Multicavernous Hemorrhagic Lesions

Ferrin Wheeler (PI: Marchuk)
Identification of genes associated with heart disease progression using a mouse model for dilated cardiomyopathy

Christina Liquori (PI: Marchuk)
Identification of the Gene Responsible for Cerebral Cavernous Malformations Type 3 (CCM3)

Jon Zawistowski (PI: Marchuk)
Molecular Genetic Studies of KRIT1: The Cerebral Cavernous Malformations Type I Gene Product

Sehoon Keum  (PI: Marchuk)
Quantitative Trait Loci (QTL) Analysis

Kerri Carlson (PI: Marchuk)
The Genetic Mapping of Modifier Genes in a Mouse Model of Myocardial Hypertrophy and Heart Failure

Jordan Cocchiaro (PI: Valdivia)
Modulation of cytosolic lipid droplets in Chlamydophila pneumoniae-infected macrophages

Marcela Ciotti (PI: Valdivia)
Cytoskeletal rearrangement at the Chlamydia inclusion: Revealing pathways involved in modulating the immune response

American Society for Microbiology

David Martinez (PI: Permar)
Identifying key determinants of IgG transplacental transfer from HIV0infected mothers to their fetus

Charles Li (PI: Heitman)
ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Eanas Aboobakar (PI: Heitman)
ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Lisa Grossman (PI: Luftig)
ASM Undergraduate Research Fellowship: Investigating the Role of CD226 (DNAM-1) During Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV) Mediated Initial B-Cell Proliferation and B-Cell Outgrowth Into Lymphoblastoid Cell Lines.

Vishar Amin (PI: Valdivia)
Protein Modification in Response to a Chlamydial Protease-Like Activity Factor

Australian National Health and Medical Research Council
Stefan Oehlers (PI: Tobin)
C.J. Martin Overseas Biomedical Fellowship

Burroughs Wellcome Fund
Max Villa (PI: David)
A high throughput platform for screening microbial interactions

Damon Runyon-Walter Winchell Cancer Fund
Christina Hull (PI: Heitman)
Mating Type and it’s Role in Virulence in the Pathogenic Fungus Cryptococcus Neoformans

Department of Defense
Constanze Kaiser (PI: Gromeier)
Therapeutic Targeting of Alternative Translation Control in Breast Cancer

Dept. of the Army — USAMRAA
Katherine Aird (PI: Devi)
Role of XIAP in Therapeutic Resistance in Inflammatory Breast Cancer

Epilepsy Foundation of America
Thomas Urban (PI: Goldstein)
Genome-wide association study of drug response in epilepsy

Fight For Sight, Inc.
Yadunanda Budigi (PI: Valdivia)
Identification of immunodominant antigens of Chlamydia trachomatis:  Probing the role of inclusion membrane proteins in

Genetics Society of America
Wenjun Li (PI: Heitman)
DeLill Nasser Award

Katrina Mitchell (PI: Jinks-Robertson)
DeLill Nasser Award: Molecular Structures of Recomination Intermediated During Gap Repair in Yeast

Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Lesley Chapman (PI: Willard)

Huntington’s Disease Society of America, Inc.
James Pearson (PI: Garcia-Blanco)
Characterization of the Interaction of Huntington’s with the Transcription  Factor CA150 as it Relates to mRNA Expression

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
Camile Semighini (PI: Heitman)
Using reversible RNAi in mice to study Rb and ATM roles in lymphomagenesis

Francene LeMoine (PI: Petes)
Characterization of Yeast Chromosome Fragile Sites

National Institutes of Health
Ashley Lennox (PI: Silver)
RNA localization in neural stem cells during cortical development

John McMahon (PI: Silver)
Dissecting the role of the exon junction complex in embryonic corticogenesis

Sarah Jaslow (PI: Ko)
Charaterization of a novel Salmonella regulator of IL-10 prodcution and its role in pathogenesis

Aaron Mitchell-Dick (PI: Silver)
Control of cell fate by progenitor mitosis length and microcephaly-linked genes during cortical development

Colleen McClean (PI: Tobin)
Role of Cholesterol Efflux Blockade in Mycobaterial Infection In Vivo

David Martinez (PI: Permar)
Identifying key determinants of IgG transplacental transfer from HIV0infected mothers to their fetus

Cody Nelson (PI: Permar)
Antibody and viral determination of protection against CMV infection following gB/MF59 vaccination

Roketa Sloan (PI: Jinks-Robertson)
Cell cycle regulation and transcription regulation

Robert J. Bastidas (PI: Valdivia)
F32: Chlamydial modulation of Eukaryotic signaling pathways

Devin Bolz (PI: Aballay)
Investigating post-translational regulation of innate immunity in C. elegans

Nathan Gaddis (PI: Aballay)
Role of Cell Death Pathway in C. elegans Innate Immunity

Samantha Kerry (PI: Aballay)
Role of Lectin Genes in C. elegans Innate Immunity

Nicole Dixon (PI: Garcia-Blanco)
RNAP II CTD’s Role in RNA Transcription and Processing

Matthew Marengo (PI: Garcia-Blanco)
F32: Regulation of alternative splicing by microenvironment signaling

Shelton Bradrick (PI: Gromeier)
Cis and Trans-acting Factors in HCV Gene Expression

Dennis Grogan (PI: Jinks- Robertson)
Role of cross-link formation in Pol Zeta-dependent mutagenesis in S. cerevisiae

Kyle Mansfield (PI: Keene)
Posttranscriptional regulation of the Wnt pathway by HuR and microRNAs

David McDonald (PI: Marchuk)
National Research Service Award

Ferrin Wheeler (PI: Marchuk)
Identification of Modifier Genes in Heart Disease

Christina Liquori (PI: Marchuk)
Identifying the CCM3 Gene: Understanding Familial Stroke

Amy Akers (PI: Marchuk)
Investigation of the two-hit hypothesis for Cerebral Cavernous Malformations

Hanyi Zhuang (PI: Matsunami)
Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Specific Anosmia and Sensitization

Joel Mainland (PI: Matsunami)
The Genetic Basis of Specific Anosmia
Variability in the human odorant receptor repertoire

Steven Angus (PI: Nevins)
F32: Pre-replication Complex Assembly in Mammalian Cells

Michael Gatza (PI: Nevins)
Use of Genomic Signatures to Classify Tumors and Direct Chemotherapeutics

Francene LeMoine (PI: Petes)
Characterization of Chromosome Fragile Sites in Yeast

Sabrina Andersen (PI: Petes)
Topoisomerase-Associated Genome Instability

Kaitlin Stimpson (PI: Sullivan)
Ruth L. Kirschstein National Research Service Award Predoctoral Fellows

Jeffrey Barker (PI: Valdivia)
C. trachomatis
-mediated signaling pathways required for Type I IFN responses

National Science Foundation
Casey Perley (PI: Frothingham)
Identifying the substrates and signal peptide for the ESX-5 secretion system in M. tuberculosis

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada
Elyse Schmidt (PI: Taylor)
Postgraduate Scholarship

Pew Charitable Trusts Latin American Fellows Program
Natalia Martin (PI: Aballay)
Neural modulation of the innate immune response to bacterial pathogens in Caenorhabditis elegans

Hector Saka (PI: Valdivia)
Molecular basis for Lipid Droplet transport in Chlamydia-infected cells

Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
Eran Andrechek (PI: Nevins)
E2F Transcription Factors in Mammary Gland Development and Tumorigenesis

The International Human Frontier Science Program Organization
Tetsuya Miyamoto (PI: Amrein)
Functional characterization of pheromone receptors

United Negro College Fund/Merck
Chiatogu Onyewu (PI: Heitman)
Investigating Mechanisms of Antifungal Drug Synergy against Candida albicans and other pathogenic fungi

Yale University
Kenji Cunnion (PI: Pickup)
Regulation of the Hpv-11 and Hpv-16 E1 Proteins by Protein