Dennis Ko

KO RECEIVES 2014 ICAAC YOUNG INVESTIGATOR AWARD - Dennis Ko, MD, PhD, has received a 2014 ICAAC Young Investigator Award for his innovative and multidisciplinary research.

Joseph Heitman

AOA MEDICAL HONOR SOCIETY MEMBERS NAMED - Twice a year the Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society elects a small number of new members.

C. gatti

FUNGUS DEADLY TO AIDS PATIENTS FOUND TO GROW ON TREES - Researchers have pinpointed the source of fungal infections that have been sickening HIV/AIDS patients.

Training Spotlight
Tamika Payne PAYNE RECEIVES ASM/CDC RESIDENT POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCH FELLOWSHIP - Graduate student, Tamika Payne, has received a prestigious fellowship to pursue approved research plan at the NCPDCID.

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