Zhaochen Luo

Heaton – Lab Member 

Postdoctoral Associate
427 CARL
BOX 3054
Durham, NC 27710


Research Interests:
Vaccine development and host-virus interaction

Personal Interests:
Hiking, traveling and cooking


Luo Z, Girton AW, Heaton BE, Heaton NS. 2021. Engineered influenza virions reveal the contributions of non-hemagglutinin structural proteins to vaccine mediated protection. J Virol 95(10): e02021-20.

Luo Z, Lv L, Li Y, Sui B, Wu Q, Zhang Y, Pei J, Li M, Zhou M, Hooper DC, Fu ZF, Zhao L. 2020. Dual Role of Toll-Like Receptor 7 in the Pathogenesis of Rabies Virus in a Mouse Model. J Virol 94(9): e00111-20.

Luo Z, Li Y, Zhou M, Lv L, Wu Q, Chen C, Zhang Y, Sui B, Tu C, Cui M, Chen H, Fu ZF, Zhao L. 2019. Toll-Like Receptor 7 Enhances Rabies Virus-Induced Humoral Immunity by Facilitating the Formation of Germinal Centers. Front Immunol 10:429.

Luo Z, Tian D, Zhou M, Xiao W, Zhang Y, Li M, Sui B, Wang W, Guan H, Chen H, Fu ZF, Zhao L. 2015. lambda-Carrageenan P32 Is a Potent Inhibitor of Rabies Virus Infection. PLoS One 10:e0140586.