Shee-Hwan Joseph Hwang

Yan Lab

344 CARL Bldg.
Box 3054
Durham,NC 27710
Phone: 919-684-1103


Research Interests:
Bioinformatics, Proteomics, Genetics
I graduated from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill with a Bachelor’s in Biology (go Heels).  As an undergraduate, I worked as a Laboratory Technician in the Ahmed Lab, supporting the lab as it researched germ line immortality in Caenorhabditis elegans. After graduation, I worked a year in the Allbritton Lab as a Research Technician in my alma mater – studying the application of monolayer and transwell platforms on human and mice intestinal cells. In December 2018, I joined the Yan Lab at Duke, which pursues to understand neural circuit formation in development and senescence, and I undertook supportive and scientific roles as a lab manager and technician. In the future, I wish to pursue a degree in Bioinformatics, so I am currently auditing classes in support of that.

Personal Interests:
In my personal time, I enjoy eating out, playing board games, and helping out at my local church. I also train for a yearly 5K race and actively look for new hip-hop and RnB music.

Publication List:

Kim, R., Wang, Y., Hwang, S.-H. J., Attayek, P. J., Smiddy, N. M., Reed, M. I., … Allbritton, N. L. (2018). Formation of arrays of planar, murine, intestinal crypts possessing a stem/proliferative cell compartment and differentiated cell zone. Lab on a Chip, 18(15), 2202–2213.

Wang, Y., Kim, R., Hwang, S.-H. J., Dutton, J., Sims, C. E., & Allbritton, N. L. (2018). Analysis of Interleukin 8 Secretion by a Stem-Cell-Derived Human-Intestinal-Epithelial-Monolayer Platform. Analytical Chemistry, 90(19), 11523–11530.