Mateusz Kedzior

Valdivia Lab Members 

Postdoctoral Fellow
270 Jones Building
Box 3580
Durham, N.C. 27710


Research Interest
Molecular interactions between pathogenic/commensal microbes and their hosts. My PhD project (University of Wroclaw, Poland) comprised the study on the inhibitory potential of the pathogenic bacterium Yersinia enterocolitica against human cysteine cathepsins involved in both innate and adaptive immune responses to infection. I am interested in the protein biochemistry of microorganisms, particularly focusing on the enzymes and inhibitors produced by microorganisms as virulence factors. In the laboratory of Raphael Valdivia within MGM at Duke University, I am currently characterizing the effector proteins produced by the obligate intracellular pathogen Chlamydia trachomatis to evade or delay the host’s immune responses.

Personal Interest
Apart from experimenting in the lab, I enjoy doing some experiments in my… kitchen. I love baking cakes while modifying the existing recipes. Besides, I love traveling, dancing, reading fantasy books, watching musicals, and doing physical exercises, such as running, swimming, and body workout. Living in Durham creates many fantastic opportunities to try delicious local beers (I’m an enthusiast of the brewing technology). I’m also constantly trying to find the right balance between my intellectual, physical and spiritual development.


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Kędzior M., Seredyński R., Gutowicz J. 2016. Microbial inhibitors of cysteine proteases. Medical Microbiology and Immunology 205(4):275–96. doi: 10.1007/s00430-016-0454-1

Kędzior M., Seredyński R., Godzik U., Tomczyk D., Gutowicz J., Terlecka E., Całkosiński I., Terlecki G. 2015. Inhibition of cathepsin B activity by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 22(1):733–7. doi: 10.1007/s11356-014-3482-7