Jordan Powers

Heitman – Lab Members

UPGG Graduate Student
320 CARL Building
BOX 3546
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919-684-3036

Research Interests:
I am largely interested in host-pathogen interactions. I received my bachelor’s degree from St. Bonaventure in Biochemistry. Currently, I am working on mycoviruses. I am identifying strains of fungi containing these mycoviruses, and how these mycoviruses impact the fitness of the fungi and competitive advantages it may give it in the skin microbiota.

Personal Interests:
I am a huge college basketball fan and enjoying going to as many Duke games as possible. I am also a huge Buffalo Bills fan and am a firm believer that next year is the year.

Publication List:
 Xiao-Ning Zhang, Yifei Shi, Jordan J. Powers, Nikhil B. Gowda, Chong Zhang, Heba M. M. Ibrahim, Hannah B. Ball, Samuel L. Chen, Hua Lu and Stephen M. Mount. Transcriptome analyses reveal SR45 to be a neutral splicing regulator and a suppressor of innate immunity in Arabidopsis thaliana. BCM Genomics. October 11, 2017. DOI: 10.1186/s12864-01704183-7.