Kim Appointed Director of Duke RNAi Screening Facility

August 7, 2012

Durham, NC — So Young Kim, PhD, Assistant Research Professor in the Department of Molecular Genetics and Microbiology, has been appointed Director of the Duke RNAi Screening Facility which serves as the focal point of RNAi technology development and expertise for the Duke University and Medical Center research community. She directs daily operations of the facility and coordinates the scientific research facility workflow, interacting closely with users to provide training, consultation and other services offered by the RNAi Facility. Kim has extensive experience in assay development, lab automation, and high-throughput and high content screening.

About the Facility

The Center for RNA Biology and the Institute for Genome Sciences and Policy have established an RNAi Facility for the application of RNA interference (RNAi) technologies for mammalian functional genomics. The primary mission of the RNAi Facility is to develop and deploy RNAi technologies to support functional genomics research programs at Duke. Through investments in RNAi and complementary technologies, we have assembled state-of-the-art functional genomics infrastructure, providing researchers access to genome-wide RNAi reagents and the infrastructure necessary to conduct investigator assisted large-scale loss-of-function studies in mammalian cells. Access to RNAi reagents, expertise, and instrumentation as a shared resource provides Duke investigators with a means to manipulate the expression of individual or sets of genes experimentally, and to probe gene function on a genome-wide scale, thereby enabling and accelerating a broad range of basic and translational research programs.

For detailed information, please visit the RNAi Screening Facility website.