Student Outreach

Mission Statement: The MGM Outreach Group consists of graduate students passionate about increasing public awareness and appreciation for science.  We are committed to improving public knowledge of scientific concepts through hands on workshops because we believe that the best way to learn and understand science, is to do it! Our mission is to include the greater triangle area in the exciting field of microbial science and to connect with anyone interested in learning more about STEM fields.

Student Outreach Leaders are Hannah McMillan and Heather Froggatt.

Outreach members: Alfred Harding, Allison Roder, Caitlin Esoda, Calla Telzrow, Caitlyn Mitchell, Christine Vazquez, Firas Midani, Hannah McMillan, Hilary Renshaw, Jared Brewer, Jeff Bryant, Kaila Pianalto, Kayla Sylvester, Kelly Hughes, Kyle Gibbs, Matt Sacco, Michael McFadden, Nicole Stantial, Rebekah Dumm, Zach Holmes, Heather Froggatt and Shannon McNulty

Planned events:
1. October 19th – Science Under the Stars from 6-8pm


A group of us from MGM outreach played a role in the North Carolina Collaborative (NCC) Summer Research Experience Program. This summer program provides a high-quality research experience for undergraduate students, high school students, and high school teachers during the summer academic break. The program capitalizes on world-renowned training programs in place at Duke University under the leadership Dr. Danny Benjamin, professor of pediatrics at Duke and faculty associate director of the Duke Clinical Research Institute.

Our part was to introduce the participants to the basic sciences and explain to them how the research we do on a daily basis plays a role in clinical medicine and relates to translational studies. We conducted 4 different lab tours showing them 4 different pathogens (Cryptococcus, Tuberculosis, Influenza, and Malaria). Various MGM outreach participants volunteered their time to give presentations of their research on a broad level and to show demonstrations of various experiments (microscopy, egg influenza injections, and live imaging). The students toured the lab facilities and were able to interact with graduate students in small groups.

The event was a success and a week later when we went to talk with the students more about life as a graduate student, a lot of them expressed that touring the labs was their favorite part of the 8 week program!

2016 student outreach

Shannon explaining the life cycle of the pathogenic fungus, Cryptococcus neoformans

2016 student outreach

Al explains the new Influenza vaccine design that the Heaton lab is working on.

2016 student outreach

Mike, Nicole assist a future scientist with Caitlyn and Ruchira in the background

2016 student outreach

Jared, Calla, Heather, Caitlyn and Nicole prepare for Outreach









Previous Outreach Leaders: Hannah Brown, Dora Posfai, Josh Messinger, Shannon Esher, Joe Saelens, Eric Walton, Katherine Rempe, Casey Perley, Kristen Smith