Rachel Meade

Smith – Lab Members

Rachel Meade UPGG Graduate Student (2019)




Research Interest:
I am interested primarily in assessing and characterizing the dynamics of host-pathogen genetics throughout the progression of infectious disease.

Personal Interest:
Singing, sketching, learning languages, playing with her pet birds


Nawas, AF; Kanchwala, M; Thomas-Jardin, SE; Dahl, H; Daescu, K; Bautista, M; Anunobi, V; Wong, A; Meade, RK; Mistry, R; Ghatwai, N; Bayerl, F; Xing, C; Delk, NA, “IL-1- conferred gene expression pattern in ERα+ BCa and AR+ PCa cells is intrinsic to ERα– BCa and AR– PCa cells and promotes cell survival,” BMC Cancer, 20(46), 2020. (PMID: 31959131)

Zhang, J; Teh, M; Kim, J; Eva, MM; Cayrol, R; Meade, RK; Nijnik, A; Montagutelli, X; Malo, D; Jaubert, J, “A loss-of-function mutation in Itgal contributes to the high susceptibility of Collaborative Cross strain CC042 to Salmonella infections,” Infection and Immunity, 88(1), 2019. (PMID: 31636138)

Thomas, SE; Kanchwala, MS; Jacob, J; Merchant, S; Meade, RK; Ghanim, NM; Nawas, AF; Xing, C; Delk, NA, “Identification of an IL-1 induced gene expression pattern in AR+ PCa cells that mimics the molecular phenotype of AR– PCa cells,” The Prostate, 78(8), 595-606, 2018. (PMID: 29527701)