Chelsea Shoben

Chelsea ShobenUPGG Graduate Student 2020
Lowe Lab
289 CARL





Research Interest: I have an interest in understanding genome variation (non-coding, structural, and 3D genome) and how it relates to phenotypic variation within and between species. How do these areas of variation arise, how might they provide a benefit (paving a way for adaptation), and how might they be detrimental (contributing to disease susceptibility)?
I also have an interest in tackling the limitations of genome technologies that currently impede our ability to study these areas of genome variation.

Personal Interests: I enjoy yoga, bouldering, and video games.

Publications List:
Hibshman, J. D., Leuthner, T. C., Shoben, C., Mello, D. F., Sherwood, D. R., Meyer, J. N., & Baugh, L. R. (2018). Nonselective autophagy reduces mitochondrial content during starvation in Caenorhabditis elegans. American Journal of Physiology – Cell Physiology, 315(6), C781–C792.

Young, L. E. A., Shoben, C., Ricci, K., & Williams, D. C. (2019). Genetic analysis of KillerRed in C. elegans identifies a shared role of calcium genes in ROS-mediated neurodegeneration. Journal of Neurogenetics, 33(1).