Luz Saavedra

Luz SaavedraMGM Graduate Student (2020)





Research Interest: I am very interested in understanding how a pathogen interacts with their host and co-opt their host-cell machinery to establish, disseminate and evade the immune system.

Personal Interests: I am very passionate about science outreach and science communication, which to me are tools to improve science in my home country, Peru. During my free time, I lead a Peruvian organization that creates spaces where undergraduates in STEM careers are empowered and mentored and can connect with upper-level scientists while they discuss science topics. I also love communicating science and engaging people (particularly kids) into it. I do this by designing and doing workshops but also by creating videos and organizing webinars with guests. Aside from this, I enjoy singing, dancing, working out, and swimming. I love cooking Peruvian food and watching stand up comedies too.