Teresa Kaza McDonald

Teresa KazaMGM Graduate Student (2019)
Lawrence Lab





Research Interest: I earned a B.S. from the University of Notre Dame in 2019, double majoring in Biological Sciences and Philosophy. I spent my summers doing research in Dr. Alessandra Luchini’s lab at George Mason University, where I helped adapt nanoparticle technologies for use in a novel diagnostic test for Lyme Disease. At Notre Dame, I did research in a virology lab under Dr. Malcolm Fraser, working on a project which explored the efficacy of using engineered group I introns as a novel form of gene therapy against HIV.

I am generally interested in infectious disease, but am especially fascinated by drug resistance and immune evasion strategies utilized by bacteria.

Personal Interests: One of my favorite experiences from college was training for and competing in the women’s boxing tournament, which I participated in twice. Outside of lab, I enjoy reading, hiking, watercolor painting, and drawing. I’m also passionate about British literature, Notre Dame football, Plato, finding new music, and cats.