Jun Zeng

David Lab Member
Jun ZengMGM Graduate Student (2019)





Research Interest: I grew up in Shenzhen, China and moved to Seattle, Washington to finish my high school, where I started my first interest in molecular biology. I earned my B.S. degree in both Microbiology and Biology from the University of Washington in 2019. As an undergraduate researcher in Dr. Joseph Mougous’ lab at UW Microbiology, I was part of an exciting project that elucidated how a novel Type VI Secretion System (T6SS) effector could facilitate interbacterial antagonism. This research experience converted my initial interest in molecular biology into a lifelong passion in host-microbiome, host-pathogen, and interbacterial interactions. I chose Duke MGM because I believe that it provides a great platform and community for me to extend and succeed in the pursuit of my passions in those areas.

Personal Interests: Outside of lab I enjoy spending time with my girlfriend, sleeping, eating, cooking, playing my Switch, and petting (other people’s) cats and dogs. I used to play soccer a lot (I played for eleven years), but I stopped—soccer and many other hobbies—after I joined a lab in college. I hope to pick it back up during graduate school, though!

Publication info:

Mok BY*, de Moraes MH*, Zeng J, Bosch DE, Kotrys AV, Raguram A, Hsu F, Radey MC, Peterson SB, Mootha VK, Mougous JD†, Liu DR† (2020). “A bacterial cytidine deaminase toxin enables CRISPR-free mitochondrial base editing.” Nature, 583(7817)

*authors contributed equally; †co-corresponding