Erin Curtis

Erin CurtisMGM Graduate Student (2019)
Smith lab member





Research Interest: I grew up in Preston Park, PA and graduated Syracuse University with a BS degree in Biology. As an undergraduate, I pursued research in Dr. Anthony Garza’s lab utilizing Myxococcus xanthus as a heterologous host to express novel antibiotics. I then gained employment as a lab tech continuing my work studying natural products for Dr. Garza, as well as studying a unique phenotypic trait called rippling in M. xanthus for Dr. Roy Welch. I also spent some time as a lab tech in a cell biology lab, working for Dr. Heidi Hehnly, utilizing tissue culture and zebrafish to understand the mechanisms that contribute to proper and improper cell division. I am now looking forward to continuing my work in microbiology in my upcoming years at Duke University.

Publications List:

Colicino EGStevens KCurtis E, Rathbun LBates MManikas JAmack JFreshour JHehnly H. Chromosome misalignment is associated with PLK1 activity at cenexin-positive mitotic centrosomes.