Abby Poff

Abby Poff, PhD student in developmental and stem cell biologyMGM Graduate Student (2019)
Silver lab member
223 CARL Building
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-613-2011




Research Interest: My primary research interest is (and has been for a number of years) developmental neuroscience—I find fascinating the orchestration of cell divisions, fate decisions, and transcriptional/translational programming in order to form arguably the most complex and least understood organ. In the Silver lab, I’ll be investigating how missense mutations in the X-linked RNA helicase DDX3X affect radial glial biology in an effort to better understand DDX3X syndrome, a recently characterized neurodevelopmental disorder that accounts for 1-3% of female intellectual disability.

Personal Interests: As for non-science endeavors, I enjoy reading (preferably Agatha Christie), baking (preferably bread), DIY/crafting, concert-going, playing flute in the Durham Community Concert Band, and hiking Triangle area trails with my adventure-seeking dog Karma.

Publications List: Taylor SR, Santpere G, Reilly M, Glenwinkel L, Poff AJ, McWhirter RM, Xu C, Weinreb A, Basavaraju M, Cook SJ, Barrett A, Abrams A, Vidal B, Cros C, Rafi I, Sestan N, Hammarlund M, Hobert O, Miller DM 3rd. (2019) Expression profiling of the mature C. elegans nervous system by single-cell RNA sequencing. Preprint: