Tim Smith

MGM Graduate Student (2018)Tim Smith
Asokan Lab
5200 MSRBIII, 2653 DUMC
Phone: 919-613-6693
Fax: 919-684-2790



Research Interests: Molecular Virology | Adeno-Associated Virus | Gene Therapy

In the Asokan Lab we are interested in building innovative technology platforms for gene therapy and gene editing.  One aspect of my research relies heavily on the use of advanced molecular and cell biology techniques to probe fundamental aspects of adeno-associated virus biology, particularly virus-receptor interaction. The other aspect explores structural biology and directed evolution to engineer novel viral vectors to treat genetic disease.

Personal: New York native. Concert junkie. Passionate ski trip planner. Ocean enthusiast. Occasional hockey player. When not in lab, I like hiking, camping, and exploring Durham’s public houses with new friends here at Duke.


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