Joseph Trimarco

Joe Trimarco MGM Graduate Student (2018)
Heaton Lab
426 CARL Building, 3054 DUMC
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-684-5656
Fax: 919-684-2790


Research Interest: I graduated from University of Wisconsin – Madison with majors in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in 2018. During my time there, I worked in Michael Cox’s lab exploring paths to resistance to ionizing radiation in E. coli using directed evolution. Originally, I had planned to pursue graduate studies in biochemistry, but after years of conducting primarily microbiological research, I found microbiology to much better suit my research interests. After taking two undergraduate courses in virology, I became interested in conducting research focused primarily on viruses and host-pathogen interactions. I chose Duke because of the cutting-edge research occurring in those fields, and I’m excited to become a part of it!

Personal Interests: In addition to research, I enjoy making and listening to music, hiking, and cooking! I’m excited to explore Durham, and even more excited to avoid Wisconsin winters!


Bruckbauer ST, Trimarco JD, Martin J, Bushnell B, Senn KA, Schackwitz W, Lipzen A, Blow M, Wood EA, Culberson WS, Pennacchio C, Cox MM. (2019). Experimental evolution of extreme resistance to ionizing radiation in Escherichia coli after 50 cycles of selection. J Bacteriol 201:e00784-18

Bruckbauer ST, Trimarco JD, Henry C, Wood EA, Battista JR, Cox MM. (2019). A variant of the Escherichia coli anaerobic transcription factor FNR exhibiting diminished promoter activation function enhances ionizing radiation resistance. PLoS ONE 14(1): e0199482.