Jana Cable

Jana CableMGM Graduate Student (2018)
Luftig Lab
0045 CARL, 3054 DUMC
Durham, NC 27710
Phone: 919-668-3123
Fax: 919-684-2790


Research Interest: After earning a degree in Microbiology from Miami University, including research experiences in biochemistry and virology labs, I am interested in further studying host-pathogen interactions, immunotherapy, and vaccine design.

Personal Interests: I enjoy exploring the outdoors, rock climbing, eating ice cream, and cooking or baking new recipes.

Publications List:

Spring, TI, Johns, CW, Cable, JM, Lin BL, Sadayappan, S, Finley, NL. Calcium- dependent interaction occurs between slow skeletal myosin binding protein C and calmodulin. Magnetochemistry. 2018, 4(1).