Ishak Irwan

Ishak Irwan MGM/CMB Graduate Student (2017)
Cullen Lab 




Research Interest: I grew up in Singapore, where I received my Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Molecular and Cell Biology with a Minor in English. After graduation, I started work in the lab of Dr. Liu Jianjun at the Genome Institute of Singapore, where I was involved in various projects to identify and characterize genetic risk factors for human diseases using genotyping, whole-exome, and whole genome sequencing approaches. I was admitted to Duke through the CMB program in 2017, and I have subsequently affiliated with MGM. I have joined the lab of Bryan Cullen, where I am now studying HIV restriction factors, viral latency, and viral mRNA post-transcriptional modifications.


Personal Interests: In my spare time, I enjoy baking, lepaking one corner, submission grappling and mountain biking. I also used to scuba dive pretty seriously, and I hope to start that up again sometime, although I my skills have atrophied with disuse.