Daltry Snider

Headshot of Daltry SniderMGM Graduate Student (2017)
Horner Lab




Research Interests:

I earned my Bachelor of Science in biomedical science from Tarleton State University. Tarleton is a small agricultural college in Stephenville, Texas near my hometown of Fort Worth.  I’ve always been focused on science, but did not have a clear interest in research until my last two years as an undergraduate student. During a microbiology course, I found my love of the lab and joined the only molecular virology lab available at my school. This lab focused on retroviruses such as HTLV-1, and my undergraduate research involved structural analysis of the HTLV-1 HBZ protein. I also participated in a summer research training program at Baylor College of Medicine where I focused on analysis of monoclonal antibody recognition of the rotavirus VP8 protein in a structural biochemistry lab.

I chose to study at Duke because I am interested in a wide variety of molecular biology topics, and the extremely varied research subjects studied by faculty and students under the MGM program will allow me to explore them. In addition to the time I will spend at the school, I felt that my time outside of school would be just as satisfying and enjoyable because I felt a sense of community with the other students.

Personal Interests:

Outside of the lab, I enjoy caring for and spending time with my 2 cats, reading, cooking, and seeing movies. In addition, I love exploring the place where I live by riding my bike and trying new restaurants.