Tianyi Chen


Headshot of Tianyi Chen MGM Graduate Student (2016)
Diehl Lab




Research Interests:

I was born and raised up in Harbin, China. After high school, I came to the United States for college and graduated from Purdue University with degrees in Biology and Mathematics. I started my undergraduate research in Dr. Louis Sherman’s lab where I participated in a project to study bio-fuel production by cyanobacteria through genetic manipulation. Later on, I joined the lab of Dr. Dean Rowe-Magnus at IU Bloomington as a research associate, where I got the opportunity to work on an independent project. My project was to characterize a protein that functions to inhibit motility in Vibrio Vulnificus.

I came to Duke because of its outstanding faculty members and their diverse areas of research. I believe the interdisciplinary nature of the MGM program and its positive atmosphere would broaden and enrich my long-term career plans in academics.

Personal Interests:

Outside the lab, I enjoy reading, hiking and watching movies.