Jared Brewer

Headshot of Jared BrewerMGM Graduate Student (2016)
Tobin Lab
213 Jones Building, DUMC 3020
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919-668-9234


I was born and raised in Barbourville, KY in the heart of Appalachia. In 2016, I graduated from Transylvania University, a small liberal arts college in Lexington, KY, with a degree in Molecular Biology and Political Science. As an undergrad, I researched the mechanisms of natural transformation in Neisseria gonorrhoeae and related commensal species to determine how these closely related species may interact during infection.

Research Interests:

I decided to come to Duke for my graduate work due to both the variety of different research directions that are present in the department, the collaborative atmosphere, and excellent social environment. I was certain that Duke would offer me to the opportunity to be a part of a larger community both inside and outside of the lab.

I am a member of the Tobin lab studying the impact of angiogenesis during Mycobacterium infection using the optically transparent zebrafish model. This angiogenic invasion into the granuloma is crucial for bacterial survival and dissemination and understanding this process may lead to new host-directed therapies.

Personal Interests:

In my free time, I love hiking, biking, going to the beach, listening to hip-hop music, reading books in my hammock, and drinking coffee and craft beer.