Rebekah Dumm

Headshot of Rebekah DummCMB/MGM Graduate Student (2015)
Heaton Lab
427 CARL Building
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: (919) 684-5656
Fax: (919) 684-2790


Research Interests:

I grew up in Baltimore, MD before moving to Delaware where I pursued my bachelors degree at the University of Delaware in biochemistry with a focus on polymer science and materials engineering. There I worked in the labs of Dr. Kristi Kiick and Dr. Millicent Sullivan where I explored the incorporation of non-viral gene delivery using a resilin-based polypeptide hydrogel system for gene delivery and tissue regeneration.

It was the molecular mechanisms of genetic manipulation that captured my interest and in coming to Duke, I pursued virology to study these mechanisms in a pathogenic context. In the Heaton lab, I am focused on exploring how surviving cells of viral infection are able to induce a temporary nonspecific antiviral immunity.

Personal Interests:

Outside of lab, I enjoy hiking, movie marathons and traveling. I also love food and have really enjoyed getting to explore Durham’s food scene.