Nicole Stantial


Headshot of Nicole StantialCMB/MGM Graduate Student (2015)
Jinks-Robertson Lab
384 CARL Building
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919.684.0042


Research Interest:I grew up near Boston, Massachusetts and received my bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Assumption College in Worcester, Massachusetts. At Assumption College, I worked in a microbial genetics lab run by Dr. David Crowley. There I investigated transcription-coupled repair as a repair mechanism for UV-induced DNA damage in a species of Archaea called Haloferax volcanii.

I entered Duke Graduate School as a member of the Cellular and Molecular Biology Program, and then joined Sue Jinks-Robertson’s lab and the Molecular Genetics and Microbiology Program. In the SJR lab I am continuing to explore DNA repair using Sacchromyces cerevisiae as a model organism. More specifically, I am working on unraveling the role of topoisomerase I in spontaneous mutagenesis in dividing and non-dividing cells.


Outside of lab I enjoy running and swimming. I also have been enjoying exploring Durham and other parts of North Carolina with friends. It has been great living in North Carolina because of the various activities it has to offer. From hiking adventures and chilling on the beach, as well as all of the great restaurants and bars.