Mike McFadden


Headshot of Mike McFaddenMGM Graduate Student (2015)
Horner Lab
0047 CARL Building, DUMC 3053
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919.684.2319
Fax: 919.613.8646


Research Interest: Host-pathogen interactions, Emerging Infectious Diseases

I grew up in northern Michigan, and did my undergrad at Michigan State University. I majored in Genomics & Molecular Genetics through my school’s MMG department, and worked in Dr. Zhiyong Xi’s vector biology lab. My undergraduate research focused on establishing novel Wolbachia infections in medically important mosquito species, and dissecting the mechanisms by which Wolbachia renders its hosts immune to pathogens such as dengue and malaria. My education and undergraduate research sparked my interest in emerging infectious diseases, and preventative approaches to controlling disease.

Duke was a good fit for me because of the number of faculty members, and many of their research interests. I was also drawn to the interdepartmental aspect of many of the research projects.

Outside the lab, I like to play a variety of sports and I do my best to stay in shape through weight lifting. Some other interests are hunting, fishing, and MSU athletics.