Kevin Zhu


Headshot of Kevin Zhu MGM Graduate Student (2015)
Matsunami Lab
261 CARL Building
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 668-3622


Research Interest: virology, oncogenesis, host-pathogen interactions

I was born in Canada and moved to California during high school. I graduated from UC Berkeley with a degree in Microbiology and performed my undergraduate research with Dr. Patricia Pesavento at the UC Davis Veterinary School. In the Pesavento lab, I applied molecular biology and pathology to discover and characterize a diverse array of viruses affecting household pets, farm animals, and wildlife.  I spent the year after my graduation at Radiant Genomics, a bay area startup specializing in metagenomics driven natural product discovery, where I helped construct a library of high-throughput gene specific knockouts for cryptococcus neoformans. After rotating, I chose to join Dr. Hiroaki Matsunami’s lab for the unique opportunity to merge my technical experience with computational biology and investigate the neural circuitry behind the sense of smell.

When I’m not in lab you can find me cycling, lifting and climbing at Wilson gym, and enjoying the pace of North Carolina with a good book and better whiskey.