Alice Sun


Headshot of Alice Sun MGM Graduate Student (2015)
Chi Lab
2141 CIEMAS, DUMC 3382
Durham, N.C. 27710
Phone: 919.668.4784
Fax: 919.668.4777


Research interest:pathogen-host interactions in disease models; cancer genetics

I am originally from Beijing, China, but I graduated from Emory University in Georgia, majored in biology. During my undergraduate honor program, I focused on evolutionary genetics and studied sex ratio over fertility in Drosophila lines.

Upon graduation, I decided to do something more translational, but still in the molecular genetics field. Therefore, I moved to another lab under Emory School of Medicine to focus on a disease model. There, I studied the function of mutant huntington in oligodendrocytes and got invaluable chances to learn advanced biochemical techniques, such as IP and IHC staining. This experience has confirmed me to discover more disease mechanisms in terms of genetics, not only in the internal system, but also including the external factors to the host.

I am doing my first rotation in Dr. Cullen’s lab and I will primarily focus on the epigenetic regulation of host genes in terms of virus infection.

Outside the lab, I enjoy hiking, running and any other outdoor activities. The highest mountain that I have conquered is Riyue Mountain in Qinghai province, with an altitude of over 4800 meters. If possible, I will go to as many mountains as I can later in my life.

Publication list:
Linbin Zhang, Tianai Sun, Fitsum Woldesellassie, Hailian Xiao, Yun Tao. Sex Ratio Meiotic Drive as a Plausible Evolutionary Mechanism for Hybrid Male Sterility
. 2015. PloS Genetics: 11(3): e1005073.